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  1. @Tec - Is very lucky to get it safely first go, was watching cohhcarnage play it, and he ended up doing the exact same thing i did. But wasn't aware of being able to buy it later, I unlock the area to go to the zone where im guessing you can buy it, but the game kept crashing after loading a saved game, to the point its not really playable anymore so have started again.
  2. By the time you do manage to work out that the house isn't near by, and is actually in a different district. After 3 attempts I started to worry, as I didn't realise that I couldn't get seen, and its a instant teleport to safe house. my second attempt i managed to take down everyone, and grabbed nearly ALL the linen, and then teleported back to safe house like i was seen, but no one was there, only then realizing that it might be because its now day time. After this time, having collected all the linen, i went to turn in the quest, only then realizing it was taken out of my inventory completely when i was teleported. Nearly made me quit completely at the thought of having to start again from scratch. Upon returning to the house I was worried as none of the linen returned meaning its finite. If i had managed to grab all of it the first time, I would never be able to progress the mission. i managed to find 1 piece, and explored more, and then realising there is a time factor after being teleported back to safe house, and one less linen. So very short time, and a lot of trial and error nearly killed this mission. (I have made another post about time/food/drink), but given 1sec (real) = 1min (game) meaning you get about 7min to loot the house on a good run. and I wasn't game to try to see if the linen was safe in my inventory if i had safely left the house and morning ticked over else where, I made a bee line to hand in the quest to be done with it.
  3. I'll back this notion, as others have mentioned the time scale seems too fast. I would stay away from 1 second real time is 1 min game time so every 24min a day has passed. It makes it hard when things rely on time in game, such as a mission, and by the time you wake up from sleep, drink, eat and run the 3 blocks to where you need to be, 1.5 game hours has passed. as for food and drink, you want it to feel needed but not a burden, and take away 3/4 of the game day to go get supplies for it and the last 6min real time to fit in a mission. granted as time goes on its a little easier having stockpiled food and drink, but still cumbersome. Sleep - I know on average we should have 8 hours, being 1/3 of the day, we don't actually get exhausted at the end of the day. I know i've have plenty of nights where i've had a crap sleep of only 2 hours yet still function fine for the next day, I would have the exhaustion at its most red point by the 3'rd night. and like other games, if your having regular good sleeps, have a well rested bonus, incentive over punish. Food/drink - similar to sleep with incentive vs punish, when full and eaten good food a bonus, no bonus if your full on rotten food, putting a bit of realism aside for game play enjoyment, drink is easy, and needed more than food, so dehydrated after 24hours, I haven't tested to see what happens when the meter depletes fully, guessing death? but maybe save that for 1.5 - 2 day mark. food you can go longer without, so maybe death by 3rd day. then you can go half a day at least with a full feeling.
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