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  1. @Naila Got it. Now I know that I wasted a lot of time on figuring out how to open it....... Thanks anyway.
  2. Can anyone tell me how to open the maintenance door? Or perhaps it's unable to open at very first? I am so curious about how to open this door for days!!!
  3. Hey guys! I'm new here. This game is awesome and very unique than other games. It make me recall another game,which also is a very cool game.

    I hope this game could support Chinese. If so, there will be more chinese people buy this game and be the downers(lol).

    BTW, as a chinese video game player, it is a bit difficult for me to totally understand this game, I tried to, but I fail.

    I mean, It might be my best work to understand the concept of the mission and the purpose of stuff.

    But that's not enough for a player who really love this game to dig out more things in this game.

    Anyway, thanks for the producers to create such a wonderful game! I will be gald to be ur back up!

  4. Wow! multiplayer will be cool! But, as @Marc said, it is a very hard work to do,indeed. I am sure the multiplayer mode will make this game much funny while it's awesome in singleplayer mode, isn't it?
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