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  1. Ok, I was just wondering because I thought it was just my save had bugged out
  2. At the "end" after you've found the last shelter place where the escape raft is, is it supposed to reset and clean your inventory out and reset day back to 1 when you enter?
  3. Is there still a way to get up to the honey guy because my ocd about there being lootable items I can't get keeps kicking in
  4. I had on the suit that is good for both and was on water joy, but I think it was a bug because there was a massive fight in the streets and everyone kept hitting each other and then if I walked past they chased me, it was funny though when I wasn't a target
  5. I personally think civilians shouldn't attack me unless I'm in their house of something because I constantly get mobbed by civilians trying to do the polices job, it gets really tedious having to keep running
  6. Not important at all but can or will there be a second save slot, I really want to start again to see some different things but don't want to wipe my first save yet
  7. Just want to add because it seems like I'm complaining lol, I love this game, I find scavenger survival really fun and the features in the game so far I don't actually have issues with, when I escaped my literal words were "I fu***** loved that game" lol
  8. @fromthewoods A week maybe? By cooking I meant like if your low on food or if you really need it but you have no food but an ingredient then the option is there, like a last resort kinda thing, but yeah I like to pick up and go too
  9. @wrothbog Morbid thoughts are that It's probably human meat from the downers they capture
  10. Yes I agree with refilling if the owners are alive as I never kill them anyway, it would be cool if we could create food too, like mix multiple berries for something stronger or the ingredients you find in houses to make something edible
  11. I think that food and stuff in houses should respawn after a few days because I've ran out of food and I've raised all the houses in the happy area, if it does then I think it should be sped up
  12. I continued the game and it spawned me where I last was but it reset the day back to 1 and wiped inventory as if I started a new on, but I was where I left off last
  13. I had to drop the Motilene and pick it back up multiple times to get it to work
  14. I would suggest killing him after he opens the gate, that's what i did and it never closes
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