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  1. Is it just me, or do I feel like time in the game moves too fast? It feels like the bulk of what I am doing is running around mostly looking for sources of food rather than exploring the areas. The day is over before I know it and it feels like I haven't achieved much other than survive another day. Don't get me wrong, I do like the survival aspect to the game, but I think it would be more fun to be able to explore without this frantic sense of urgency I feel constantly. I probably wouldn't be hard to fix depending how the system is made. Perhaps just increasing the world time to make the days go longer might cause hunger and thirst, etc. to stretch out a bit too.
  2. I'm finding there are dig locations on my map that don't show up when I arrive at the location. Some of these could be places I have already tried and have forgotten about, but I'd expect that they would disappear from my map if they were no longer active. Some of these are definitely not, such as the grave area which I have never dug up. I'm not sure if its activity is restricted to a certain time (such as night time), but if this is the case it might be better to only show the dig locations when they are in fact active to avoid confusion.
  3. I had this same issue on PC as well. I ended up trying again another time. It worked only after I talked to Jimmy Bolton (the loony in the treehouse) first. The option to give the doll didn't come up beforehand like it should have. Also, when I gave the doll I received a jimmy bar for some reason. I'm not sure that should have happened. Obviously this needs to be fixed, but you could try things like removing it from your inventory and taking it back again in order to "refresh" things if you want to try to progress.
  4. Just sent you guys an email with log files as I didn't get a crash report screen. Thought I'd just mention here for posterity what I experience. • Freezing on a black screen. This happened immediately after attempting to run the game for the first time, as well as upon exiting the game. • Introduction sequence was extremely "choppy". • I had no sound at any point when running the game. I have a reasonably good gaming rig that satisfies the recommended requirements: Intel i7 3.20GHz 16GB RAM NVIDIA GTX 670
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