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  1. It's the diagnosis room. 2 lights on the wall for 'diagnosis' and 'infection detected', and a bobby looking down onto the room through a circle window. the door i came through closed behind me, there's another closed door on the other side of the same wall, and the opposite wall's door is also closed. none of which give me an option to open. this is maybe the 3rd or 4th bridge in the game (depending on your choice of chronology), so i'd dare say its fairly early in the game. i had just gotten through the bridge with the joy detector (taking me to my first trip through a joy-filled world) moved on to the next area (which was a small section) with no buildings aside from the 2 other bridges, one of which had a faulty [tesla coil] and the other is the one described above. **So far, i'm loving what you're doing with your game. ^^ this is as far as i've been into it so far, but i'm looking forward to seeing what's in store. keep up the good work!!!!
  2. if this is a redundant post, again I apologize. To be honest i was a little lazy, but didn't see a search function to see if there was already a thread open reporting this.
  3. After she's found hanging out, I picked her up and ended up setting her down so I could explore the rest of the safehouse. After leaving the safe house I turned back around and went in to try to pick her back up to move her and that action is no longer available to me. -side note for another issue. when you target the left side of the clock on your desk (very beginning of the game) there's a 'sweet spot' that pops up an interaction queue for the power cell on top of your work machine (forgot was it was called)
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