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  1. So I bought WHF a couple days ago and so far I'm really loving the game. So that's the first thing. A couple bugs I have noticed: - Sometimes the Poisoned Waster glitches and continues to vomit. There was no prompt to speak with him to begin the quest. So I punched him to see if it would get him out of his "loop". It worked a little too well as he ran off and I haven't found him since. - "Campfire" quest sometimes bugs where only a floating Chef's hat appears. I realize this might just be me, as I restarted the game and have not encountered the bug on this play through. general feedback: - In the prologue if you approach the window that the projection of Mr. Jack can be seen on, you can look out the window and to (what should be) the street, however its just a gray void. - Optimization issues... the recommended settings for my machine are ultra; however, there are still some frame rate issues at certain places. (Not a big deal, really.) - LOOT CONTAINERS IN THE SAFEHOUSE I have noticed that two of the storage lockers regenerate items after a few days whereas one of them does not. It has been empty since I looted it on day 1. Is this on purpose? Is that container safe to store loot in? (My stash is full) All in all a really lovely game. I love how responsive the devs are. Thanks for reading/hearing me out!
  2. I'm having the same problem. Although if you look in the upper left hand corner of the screen when you initially walk up to the ghost it says to go to the grave. Even when I go to the grave though, I can't dig because the quest objective of "pursue the ghost" has not been fulfilled.
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