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  1. I believe they were playing with the idea of having 3 different characters with 3 different stories that somehow interconnect as the story progresses. As it stands now its hard to say but I feel if they stick with it and keep the amazing team they obviously have, that it will be an amazing game.
  2. This game has soooo much potential and would be a huge gamechanger in the game industry if handled correctly. Im just scared that the devs will update it as rust developer did then abandon it because people bought enough early access that they can fund something else. Can the devs re-assure us that that wont be the case? I dont care if the alpha is long. I WANT this game to be a big thing. The small amount of exposition that we are given is enough for me to realize that this team knows their stuff. I just hope they have the passion to finish it instead of it being a quick wallet gain like some other indie devs.
  3. A bug that i noticed is that at times when you are almost dead and you hear your heartbeat, you cant hear any other noise at all. This includes character diologue and in game music, and even when you heal yourself the beating persists.

  4. One major bug I have noticed is that when you are in the field right before the bridge leading to apple holm, if you go north towards the garden district you will get locked in a security checkpoint with 3 doors and no way out. I have tried everything. There is a guard in the window above the room where I am and he wont even acknowledge me being in the room. It pretty much can screw a whole playthrough up so beware. Apparently it is a decontamination area where they check you for the plague. I do not have the plague nor does any animation whatsoever occur. The doors just shut behind you and boom you are stuck.
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