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  1. Anyone know the release date for the upcoming major updates? I did read their "Weekly Update" but, no mention of dates OR Am I on Joy right now?
  2. "Sleep, the poor man's food" I'd keep that hunger/thirst mechanic during sleep as is. Though I'm one to make life hard LUL
  3. I second these bug finds. Had same problem. I do believe they are planning a "community update" soon.
  4. Digging location 1 unlootable Unable to give bandage to Will provide name later Unable to carry Mrs. Stokes after dropping (Fix: restart game) Floating chef hat at Campfire (Could be wrong)Campfire quest to retrieve Ducky still incomplete after receiving Rubber Duck from NPC(player gives filtered water for Rubber Duck) Question: Does one have to have the Pump Repair Kit in player inventory to fix the pump?I had Pump Repair Kit in safehouse safe inventory, was unable to fix the pump.
  5. I have been having the same problem. Canteen gives three charges(I believe it breaks once the charges are 3/3 {It is what happened to me}) Could be wrong here and kinda does not make sense to indicate depletion by counting up but whatever. Anyway, I can fill the canteen but i cannot equip it in pocket slots to use by pressing F. Canteen not for drinking from? P.S. I may have given my canteen away to an NPC. Male, wears yellow-greenish jacket. No hat, no glasses. @SirGreenDay Have you tried drinking from the canteen without having Filtered Water in your inventory?
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