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  1. I found two bugs when trying to do the quests related to Faraday. The first of which was that I gave the valve to the guy in the greenhouse next to the workshop but he just took it and did not fix the leak, and upon speaking to him he asked me if I had gotten the valve. So I seemed to have kinda soft-locked the quest, luckily you can still obtain the key if you kill the guy, so I was still able to gain entrance to the workshop. The next bug I encountered was when I was tasked to fill a bucket of motilene. After filling the bucket the quest tracker did not update to the next step and I could not give Faraday the bucket, so it was as if I never filled the bucket. I tried dropping the bucket and picking it back up, but that did nothing. The only way to fix this is quitting to the menu, dropping the bucket and then picking it back up.
  2. I'd love multiplayer, but I can understand why they might not put it in.
  3. Bug or intended?: Whenever I do a takedown and someone else sees it they do nothing, in fact they stop whatever they were doing and mourn for the unconscious person. I'm wondering if this is a bug because I saw someone on youtube takedown someone and everyone near him became hostile.
  4. Some feedback on the audio; if we are holding a rubber duck can the player character not say "A charismatic duck...." so often? After having the rubber duck in my inventory for a while that line has begun to drive me bonkers.
  5. Whenever I happen to be looking straight down and click the left mouse button (melee/attack) the paused menu pops up and I can't close it until I click on one of the choices in the menu.
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