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  1. Lol, you tried to complete the quest without talking to the "Boss" first, lol. Obviously you're not married.
  2. I understand that but counter by saying that, at present, I had been wandering around for over 2 hours IRL to try and figure out how to either make or where to find a shovel. I wanted a shovel for dig spots- no dice. THAT was lame as I had no idea how, or which area to explore, would unlock it.
  3. That too ofc. Item space management over weight always has those concerns.
  4. Resistance to joy instead of hunger satisfaction for certain foods could also flesh out the world a bit more- like certain foods are banned/treated like garbage by the joy users...now we know why.
  5. While we're talking suggestions, I think a time of day in the corner might be a good idea. It's a U.I. suggestion, but on the subject of day/night cycle.
  6. I can confirm the give bandage thing. It happens with multiple female NPCs.
  7. Alt + Tab seems to hang up the game quite a bit. Fix is restarting. I play with two monitors so if I have a movie going or something, I often will pause and alt + tab games. Sucks but avoidable it seems.
  8. Lud's Bridge- after fixing both components, wouldn't open, said no power (all subobjectives checkmarked). Fix: had to rebuild pipe repair kit. Restart didn't work on its own. Seems to save now. Order of replacement of parts must matter?
  9. Yeah, noticed that with the bottles as well though everything looks identical. BTW, anyone else have a problem with the mysterious chest quest? It was locked so I picked the lock. Didn't open, can't do anything with it now- it won't even reset after days have passed.
  10. I purchased on GOG.com but still can't find the patch on the site. Any eta? Is there an alternate download site?
  11. Dude in the puppet house gives crowbars all the time. Also, am I the only one homicidal enough to notice enemies clipping through things happens quite a bit? The ragdoll mechanics are sometimes too high? Additionally, it amazes me how many times I can sneak up behind someone, knock them out, kill them, loot them, someone else walks over and then I rinse and repeat. I have literally been standing over like 4-5 dead bodies until all in an area are dead. This is all in the gloomy district at the start btw.
  12. Some other feedback is that the quests need more guidance on occasion (like a quest appeared when I was near something and I wasn't sure where to narrow it down, finally did after a little while of moving in circles). Also, main character's monologues get a bit old after a while. Maybe they should be spaced out more, just like with his speeches before sleeping.
  13. Something would be good. I hate having random items I'm unsure whether they will be useful for more than I can create now. I also don't like not knowing how to create the next new thing I don't have but want.
  14. Forum Suggestion - Search bar. Did I miss it??? Anyway, seems kinda necessary imho. Game Suggestion - It would be nice if I could figure out how to unlock certain items. I kinda wander around aimlessly until things get unlocked or I find it crafted in the real world. Also, some sort of repair/breakdown item for components ability would be nice.
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