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  1. Simon says might be broken or im just not doing it right. I get shocked while im pressing the buttons. I have yet actually finish one before I die.
  2. Biggest thing I can think of is when you do/finish something on the map it vanishes or shows completed. You guys could just remove the quest tracking all together but that might be too much of a request.
  3. When the game loads up before the main menu, the music cuts out sometimes.
  4. So I think ive cane to an end of this play through. So I opened the door to faradays shutters when it turned night time and she wasnt there. Ive tried going back to the base and sleeping till day (probably not best because it saved...) then I went back and shes still not there. Then I close the game and went back and shes not there. I need her code to advance thru the door. At least im assuming because the door says faradays code. This is a game killer bug. Time to start a new one I guess lol.
  5. Faraday valve quest is broken. I give him the valve and he just takes it and asked for a valve.
  6. I learned why the bottles wouldnt stack. There are 2 different bottles. Ones clear and one is green. That why they wouldnt stack.
  7. you can get suck in a fall loop in some big rubble pits.
  8. Little red riding hood story doesn't finish. It cuts out at Ham and begins to talk about crows.
  9. Games crashes if you are holding onto the item youre dropping.
  10. Sometimes the npcs with get stuck saying whatever they say on a loop when they are angry.
  11. Had my safe open and I dropped a bottle and the game crashed.
  12. The ugly doll falls off the chair sometimes. Idk if thats a bug lol
  13. I'm assuming you have to have the kit with you berzserk
  14. Oh, the left and right trigger splits the items. Thats not a bug. Maybe write that at the bottom of the screen.
  15. Eel pier auxiliary pumping station, door shits and wont ipen when you get the pipe value. (Fix: restart game)
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