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  1. I like how it is now but I could see why it would hender others. But there's too much food and water to slow down the depletion of things so they will have to take away some of the necessities to keep it balanced.
  2. Gah we happy fee is such a great uniquely made game it's hard to say things you dislike about it. But this is a preview so of course it's got its problems. These are all my opinions and some are factual like some of the missions have glitches to where you can't complete them like the one where the people worship the yam. I couldn't grab the yam. And I like how you have the missions where you have to listen to the person and everything to know where to go and what to do. But sometimes they just say do something and dont even tell us where to go or anything. Make the Ai a little more descriptive when telling us to do missions for them and where to go. And if it's a mission that just pops up then have it in your journal more descriptive. And in my opinion you should put more things in the world where you can hid bodies like cars and trash cans or maybe have different places you can hide bodies like under the bed or in the stoves
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