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  1. You guys r awesome the way the game is now is great it's creepy and makes me think twice before going into a house for something I need. The game is great so far but I need some help with the richer part of town with finding your safe house
  2. Some glitches still but the game is sooo much more fun now that theres more things to encounter

  3. Ok so i was playing the game ealier on my xbox one and it crashed when i was helping the dieing man in the quest first marriage

  4. I was wanting to know what this game will have in store or us in the future and if the game will have alot more plot than just being a "Downer"????
  5. someting i found when i was able to play is that i left the safe house and went back to sleep and could not pick up the old ladies dead body


  6. I played the trail of "We happy few" yesterday and it's awesome and hope the game just gets better and better as you guys finish the game. Friday I'm buying the Xbox version of the game. So you guys have my money and full support for your master piece

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