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  1. The game play has real potential as a semi-rpg format: making choices, acting a part to accomplish goals, finding quests and collecting materials. I love where it's going. Some minor issues I have so far: Inventory: the box outlines are white, and so is the cursor, making it annoying to choose an item in a rushed situation. Protagonist: I like his crazed monologue, proving he is experiencing the effects of joy withdrawal like the other downers. But when he mumbles through another character's dialogue meaninglessly it gets distracting. Maybe make his speech more purposeful when engaged. Player Needs: thirst, hunger, and sleep are great additions, but reduce too quickly with not enough resources or safe houses to accommodate a lengthy game play. Map: there are no quest cursors, which make it difficult to follow a quest in a map that is still pretty uniform. All problems I had while playing, but still found the game enjoyable. Keep up the good work!
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