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  1. I fought some and they didn't seem to be any harder to kill than normal bobbies
  2. You have to just knock him out (or kill him) and then take the key from his body. Currently, the quest is bugged so that when you give him the valve, he still thinks he doesn't have the valve.
  3. How did you find the raft? I used faraday's code and got into the tiny island area, but all that is on that island is one wastrel, a bench, a broken phone booth, and a bunch of flowers. I searched the island for like a half hour and couldn't find anything.
  4. Anyone found where to use the motilene vacuum? I can't figure out where it works, since it isn't a usable tool. I tried to see if I could do something where the old lady is jumping in the massive motilene spill, but no dice. I also heard you can do it at the Downer Investigation place, but it isn't on my map, and the quest isn't labelled for a specific place. Any ideas?
  5. Love the game so far! Really enjoying it! Here is a rundown of a few of the bugs I've noticed in the first 8 hours or so of playing the game Mystery Chest Encounter: Chest appears in the middle of the street in a wastrel town (don't remember which). Tells you to unlock the chest and look inside. I unlocked it, but then the chest turned into an unlocked chest model that was not interactable and you could walk through. Disappearing Bobbies: Several times, Bobbies at checkpoints (going in and out of cities) are below the ground and barely their hat is visible. They can still see you and still agro you and call other cops. Ruined Quests: --There is a quest in Wellington (the main town with all the people on joy) where Arthur sees someone he recognizes (I think his name is Thomas?). You are supposed to talk to the guy and see if he recognizes you. However, I found him at night ( I guess he doesn't go to bed and stays at his encounter location, which is in the middle of the street). The Bobbies saw him, and since it was night, they attacked and killed him. The quest never showed up as failed though. -- Another random encounter was a strange mansion you could only get in at night and with Joy. You also aren't supposed to be caught. I knocked out the first few people, but someone noticed me and the quest failed. When the person saw me, everyone in the mansion stopped moving and stopped being interactable (I couldn't hit them, choke them, talk to them, anything). I also couldn't pick anything up or open/loot anything. -- Found a Downer Detector in the main part of Wellington that you are supposed to fix and then go into a Bobby checkpoint in the middle of the street to find something. For some reason I thought that meant you had to be a downer to go in and not be detected (yeah, that was my bad). So when I was detected as a downer, the Spanker (?) tower turned on and started electricuting me, as well as the Bobbies inside smashing me with batons. I was knocked unconscious and woke up inside again with them standing over me. They immediately killed me. When I respawned, I went back, but the spanker towers are still turned on. I can't even go near the checkpoint because the spanker towers electrocute me through the walls, even when I am on Joy. Unescapable Room: From the small island to the main part of Wellington, there is a checkpoint with a doctor. I went in, but there is no way to go back the way I came because the door closed behind me. In the middle of the room is a red floor and a sign on the wall that says "Infection Detected" with a doctor looking down from a window above the sign. I am not infected and the room was like that when I got in. The doors leading out are all closed with no way to open them. Open just running around, I noticed the walls next to the "Infection Detected" sign were non-collidable (I could walk through them). From here, I was walking inside the walls and was able to find another wall I could walk through past the doors to get out.
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