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  1. I've put in 17 hours since Tuesday, trust me after a while you learn to suck it up. It's been confirmed it's being fixed anyway so don't worry.
  2. How am I supposed to survive in this area? Taking too much Joy makes me overdose, and not taking it alerts everyone to attack me, so how am I supposed to get around?
  3. Multiplayer maybe, definitely not some sort of split-screen co-op, as if split screen would work on PC anyway lol.
  4. Yes there's a lot of game/quest breaking bugs right now, just keep posting them so they can get fixed!
  5. There's a chemical crafting station in the second safehouse, on the island that's on the other side of the honey bridge/gas pump bridge (depending which spawns for you, it varies). If you can't find a plague cure, it's in there on the table as well.
  6. You guys aren't messing with game files, are you? If not they must just be rare bugs that will no doubt be fixed. I've never experience any of those issues. Maybe it'll help if you state your PC hardware or if you're on Xbox.
  7. No this is not normal, I generally shake them pretty easily within running half a block away. This is even true when making the entire Cult of Jack gang mad at me. Just run faster and don't look back.
  8. I spent 45 minutes last night an an hour this afternoon looking for a single piece of tough linen, going through every house and looting every container, and can't find it anywhere. Is it possible to run out of a certain item in an area? Because at this rate I'm never getting honey and crossing the bridge.
  9. I ran out of pills and then ate some rancid meat, I died of vomiting because it kept depleting my thirst and hunger. Definitely a true survival experience.
  10. I think that the thirst, hunger, and fatigue should really have an option for how fast they deplete. It makes it nearly impossible to explore thoroughly when you constantly need to replenish all three of these, almost to the point where it's a complete nuisance. I think the fast pace of time is mostly to blame for this, with each in-game minute being the equivalent to 1 second. I think 2, or even better, 3 seconds would be more appropriate. Anyway feel free to share your opinions on this so that if this really is an issue for a lot of people, we can get this issue noticed.
  11. Where do I get the honey anyway? I can't find it anywhere.
  12. There will definitely be a PS4 version of the game, it just looks as though there won't be an early access version. From what I know I don't think Sony has an early access program, unlike Microsoft and Steam.
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