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  1. Just started a new play through. During the prologue, you walk through a communal office space it seems with towering papers and unfinished work. To the side, curtains are pulled back and through the window you can see a big screen with Uncle Jack talking. In my case, Uncle Jack's voice isn't registering in my game. You can't hear him talk at all. He's moving his lips but nothing is coming out. I don't know if this is how it's supposed to be. In my first play through, I'm pretty sure he had been talking and his voice could be heard. Hmm
  2. 1. Ghost bug: I went to the tree at night with joy. The ghost appears and the character acts like the ghost is moving. But the ghost stays standing still and not moving at all. 2. Mysterious Chest Bug: the quest says to interact with the mysterious chest. I kept trying to open it but it said (locked) and so I made a bobbypin/ lock pick and got an option to lock pick the chest. I did but now I can't interact with the chest at all. 3. Doll Bug: I got the ugly doll from the doll house and I need to give it to the guy in the tree house/ secret agent tree, but there's no option to give him the doll. That's all I've found so far. Overall, I love the game. I just hope these bugs can be answered/fixed.
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