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  1. I'm pretty sure the Germans took the children and conscripted them into the war as child soldiers. The ingame letters you can find plus the articles during the prologue imply that there was a draft going on that was aimed at the children specifically, and that leaked Uncle Jack episode that was posted a while back has him expand on that by saying he had to hide his daughter so she wouldn't be taken. This seems to suggest that they were either a) forcibly taken from their parents as the result of some new policy passed by German forces during the occupancy, b) willingly given up in exchange for goods or the promise of a shortened occupancy as hinted by Uncle Jack with his Pied Piper story, or c) both. If any of them are still alive, they're probably in Germany, like some of the ingame letters you can find mention. Anyway, other assorted theories: - V-meat is people. Pretty obvious. Strange Meat may or may not also be human, but I think it's just as likely that it could be some kind of small animal like dogs or cats. - Wellington Wells is in the middle of a severe famine and it's pretty much a certainty by this point that their society is going to completely implode because everyone is too high on Joy to make any effort on its upkeep. Again, the final (?) Uncle Jack episode highlights this — people are already starting to catch on about the lack of food and the government is trying to keep it hushed up. "We've come to the end of our time" is turning into an arc phrase for a good reason. - The mysterious person mentioned in the Executive Letter found in Faraday's lab might be referring to the unnamed third playable character, the woman in white. - Faraday will definitely play an important role in the story's endgame. She actually made a portal device, there's no way that isn't going to come back as a pivotal plot point. - Uncle Jack is most definitely dead by the end of the episode about his daughter. I really doubt he'll turn up as an actual NPC, and I don't think he was some sort of high ranking government figurehead or the leader or anything. He was just a funny dude whose celebrity status was taken advantage of by the government (probably the Executive Committee Faraday mentions) and used to pacify the rest of the population. - The other two characters' play styles will focus on the use of craftables that affect gameplay similar to Arthur's suits. Ollie, the soldier, will probably be a combat-heavy character who can craft special weapons that the other two can't. The woman in white might have stealth-based craftables just going by her design, which suggests that she might be a spy, but I feel like that would be a bit redundant since Arthur seems to be the stealth character because his suits play such a big part with the conformity mechanic. At this point it's anyone's guess.
  2. Just used ghost-mode to get through and I'm pretty sure it's a glitch because the island beyond it is bugged too. No NPCs are spawning and the Joy detector to get to the Apple Holm bridge isn't working either.
  3. First off, great update. A ton of the bugs that made the last version almost unplayable are fixed, and the survival mechanics are really nicely scaled back. Good effort all around. Here are some bugs I ran into in my playthrough: - Items, key items needed for quests in particular, still sometimes fall through the map if dropped. When I was finishing the Faraday quest, I transferred my high quality mechanical parts to my safe in the safehouse before I went off to get the last one (Blood in the Streets) so they wouldn't disappear just in case I died. When I went back to get them after I salvaged the last one, the objective didn't tic itself off as completed and Faraday still acted as if I didn't have all the pieces when I went to give them to her. I tried dropping them and picking them back up to see if that would affect things, but they went through the floor. The same thing also happened with they key in the Haute Cuisine quest. I collected it after I killed all the guards, accidentally dropped it and had it go through the map, but was still able to talk to the NPC and finish the quest regardless. He's still locked in his cage, though, and occasionally when he tries to give me stew when I go to visit him it'll drop through the ground. No idea if that might be because my inventory is full when I speak to him, though. - The little platform that allows you to make the jump to the honey guy's ledge when the honey bridge spawns is gone, making it impossible to get to him once you pay the toll. I reset the game twice and had the bridge appear both times, and each time it didn't spawn. I don't know if it's an RNG thing or something exclusive to the update, but I thought I'd mention it here anyway. - Performing takedowns on sleeping Wellies doesn't really work. I've tried it twice and both times I ended up getting stuck in the wall next to the bed. I was able to get free the first time by selecting the option to hide under the bed, which still presented itself even though I was in the wall. The second time I ended up having to restart the game. - Could not get through the Quarantine Bridge to Raven's Holm in the second part of the Garden District. It never opened for me no matter how many days passed. EDIT: I made a post about this on the help/advice board, and at first I thought it might be a new quirk to the update, but I'm pretty sure it's a bug: there's no way to power the Joy detector leading into Raven's Holm from Hamlyn. Absolutely no way. In the previous version, this wasn't a problem because the detector was already active. Here, there's no way to get through. Eventually I just gave up and ghost-moded it, but when I got to the other side I noticed there were more issues: no NPCs were spawning (the Cerebus Was The First Bobby quest showed up as active despite the fact that the Bobby wasn't there) and the Joy detector leading to the Apple Holm bridge wasn't active just like the last one.
  4. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or a new change, but I'm playing the new update on the preview branch and I'm not able to get through the Joy detector that leads to Apple Holm. Usually when I make it to the bridge the detector is powered up and glowing green, but not this time. I have Faraday's code, all I need to do is actually get to the island. Help me out?
  5. @Villa_24 You play the game from the opposite side. You're a Wellie trying to hunt down Downers. What I hope it ends up being is another smaller story mode where you play as some sort of plot important or fan favorite Wellie NPC and follow a narrative from their perspective. Arthur's supervisor from the prologue would be a good candidate for something like this imo.
  6. Just found another. In the quest where you have to protect the two Wellies in the Garden District to get the answer to Simon Says, knocking the female one out will automatically register as a failure even if you've driven the bandits away, and the game will treat it as if both Wellies have died which will require you to loot their suitcase. I went back a few hours later and both of them were fine, even the one I knocked out. Additionally, I ran into one of the bandits who got away again on my way through the streets. He was still in his running animation and kept zooming around the district. Pretty funny tbh.
  7. I've seen the exact same thing happen in a guy's Let's Play. , if the devs want to see.
  8. I'll be using this thread to catalogue all of the bugs I find in my playthroughs of the game. Hopefully I'll get some that haven't been mentioned. Garden District The option to force open coin boxes in the phone booths doesn't appear, leaving no way to interact with them even if you have a jimmy bar in your inventory. Presumably there's a sidequest that involves a chef. I say "presumably" because when I got to his area where there was a campfire set up, the only part of the NPC that spawned was his chef's hat, which just floated in the air above the campfire. Leaving the area, exiting and restarting the game, and sleeping did nothing; I was never able to get him to appear. Upon entering the area with the Mystery House (the second part of the district that requires you to cross a bridge, in all the playthroughs I've had), parts of the script will show if you have the subtitles on. I don't mean the dialogue, I mean stuff like . They'll stay on the screen all throughout gameplay if you're in the area where the Mystery House. Certain quest names will appear on all the encounter markers on the map. For example, in one of my playthroughs, the Wounded Wastrel quest name was glitched so it overwrote every other encounter name on the map that I would scroll over. On that note, the map in general seems to be glitched. It's been mentioned before, but some quests won't register as markers on the map once you've started them, like the Secret Agent quest and the Mystery House. Not sure if this is a glitch, but no harm in putting it here anyway — the trashcan in the first save room that you can put Mrs. Stokes in hasn't appeared in any of my playthroughs. I've read that this is the only way to complete the quest from multiple people, but it hasn't spawned in any of my playthroughs. If it's not a bug and I'm just not doing the quest right, ignore this. The quarantine security checkpoint with the doctor NPC can't be entered again after you go through the first time. You can also clip through the building. If you do, the NPC doesn't go through the scripted event again and there's no way to clip back out, leaving you trapped inside. Hamlyn The Faraday Lab quest is bugged. I've mentioned it before, but there's no way to give James the valve you buy at the pawn store. He'll just take it and the next part of the quest won't be activated unless you knock him out and steal the key. Branching off from the Faraday quest — if you speak to Professor Faraday before you trigger the alarm upstairs and open the metal shutter, she won't respond. If you knock her out close to the bed, she'll fall through the map and won't respawn, bricking the quest. If you drop the valve you can buy from the pawn broker while you're still inside the store, it will register that you've stolen it; the pick up command will be changed to “steal” and if you do that the Bobbie stationed inside will attack you. If you drop the valve anywhere outside of the building, it will disappear forever. Another thing I've already mentioned — in the quest where the old lady NPC wants lily bulbs for her garden (forgot the name, only got it to spawn once on my very first playthrough), she will call the Bobbies over if you if you take any of the consumable tea on her table close to her, even though she offers it to Arthur in her dialogue. In the House of Curiosities (can't remember the name off the top of my head, so I'll just refer to it as the fetish club), the little booth with the two dancers is bugged. You can pick the lock to the door, but you can't enter. The room inside is modeled in a weird way so the floor comes up to Arthur's waist, and the rest of the building below is visible underneath it, if that makes sense. The building where you can repair the pipe leaking motylene has a chance of triggering an invisible wall in front of the doorway, even if the door itself is open. I couldn't exit until a Bobbie came over to investigate and entered, somehow allowing me to exit. No idea what happened there. Sometimes the spanker inside the Simon Says checkpoint in Raven's Holm will zap you even if you step on a lit platform like the game requires you to. Misc. There's no direction or option to extract a power cell from a torch. Ditto on using the water filter, too. Sometimes equipping food to eat in your secondary inventory (the pockets, I think?) won't work. Example: I equipped a mushroom, ate it later, went through the eating animation, and my hunger meter didn't change at all while the mushroom remained in my inventory. If/When I find more, they'll be added to the comments below.
  9. This keeps happening to me, too. Definitely a problem.
  10. I've been struggling with this quest for the last 20 minutes and I can't get it to work at all. I bought a valve from the pawn store, but every time I give it to Jimmy, he goes through a generic animation/dialogue cycle that's presumably the same as every other male Wellie who you give gifts to. The valve then disappears from my inventory and I'm unable to talk to him anymore. This has happened three times, every time I reset the game. Eventually I just got tired of it and knocked him out to get the key. When I entered the lab, Roger talked to me for a bit and, for no reason at all, started attacking me even while he was still in the middle of his dialogue. Then a spanker/ray gun security thing started zapping me from out of nowhere and it killed me. I can't go any farther than that. The quest is virtually unplayable from my end.
  11. Dude, that's the same exact glitch that happened to me. It's the security checkpoint with the doctor, right? I glitched through it after activating the scripted event where you talk to him the first time. It wouldn't let me talk to him again and I was trapped inside the chamber.
  12. @Camille I really like the idea of a theater mode. Maybe have it so that only one video from Jack is available at the get-go, but completing certain achievements or finding items in the game (maybe film reels or something similar) unlocks the others. You could also put dev diaries in there, too. I know I'm not the only one who likes seeing the process behind making a game, and finding these sorts of unlockables is a great way to extend replayability. I know it seems like I'm only focusing on the negatives here, but look — I can't stop stressing how much this game means to me. You guys are a small team with a huge, amazing idea — literally one of those brilliant ideas that most AAA studios would kill for — and the ambition necessary to make it work. This is a beautifully rendered game. The environments are lush and colorful, the character models give me this super eerie stopmotion meets American McGee's Alice vibe, the world it's set in isn't one we see very often in games, and the idea of taking what other games would treat as a sanity meter ala Eternal Darkness and turning it into a vital mechanic that needs to be exploited to win is so clever. When I was playing last night walking through an abandoned foresty park area outside of Hamlyn, Uncle Jack was narrating a Red Riding Hood story through nearby loudspeakers. It was dark, no other NPCs were around, and you had this really talented voiceover saying something along the lines of “And so, the wolf crept down an unseen path through the forest, a path no one else would take because the road was winding and dark, and he was alone”. Something like that. It was a completely stunning, creepy, weirdly poignant experience that left such an impression on me, and it made me realize that, yeah, while the game's not perfect in some areas, it completely nails it in others and it's absolutely worth fighting for. Like I said before, I believe in you guys and I believe in this game. This has the potential to be something wonderful. I just think you still have a lot of mechanics that need thoroughly polished so that it can rest on a threshold that's more enticingly challenging instead of frustrating.
  13. Conformity This one branches off into AI problems, so I guess you could say they're mostly the same. I'll be straight with you on this: I have no idea what sets these NPCs off. I understand that wearing the right clothes is a necessary part of it and I'm cool with that, but it seems like just breathing on them will put them in a frenzy. If you stick around in one place for too long, they freak out. If you search for something on a corpse or look into a trashcan, they freak out. If you do any of this on Joy, they still freak out. Here's a good example: I'm doing the sidequest with the NPC old lady who wants lily bulbs. She has a little tea party with consumable cups of tea laying around and explicitly offers Arthur some in her dialogue. I'm starting to get dehydrated and I don't have any water left so of course I take it. The NPC proceeds to lose her shit and call the Bobbies over. Why? The game is flat out handing me these items, from a friendly NPC no less, and it punishes me for taking them. It does the same thing when you find a sidequest that requires you to loot a Downer corpse on the street, or when you go to this weird fetish club that has a suit and weapon in the adjacent locker room that you need for the club's dress code so you can enter. When I tried to take the items both times, an NPC saw, flipped out, and called a mob over. Taking Joy doesn't matter much either; the only consistent effect it seems to have is allowing you to get through security checkpoints. Example: I'm doing the fetish club sidequest at night, because the club only opens after a certain hour. There are Bobbies on the street, but there are also other Wellies just meandering around too. I don't feel like sneaking through a large group, so I pop a Joy so I can just walk through the front doors. But I can't even get that far because I get ganged up on before I can make it to the building. The Bobbies attack me if they see me on sight at night even though there are other Wellies walking around on the street to the club doing the same thing. How? I'm playing by the game's rules and I'm not doing anything to stick out, but it's still not enough. I've cleared out entire houses, deactivated the security systems, killed the inhabitants and locked the doors just so I can get some sleep, and sometimes I'll wake up to find a mob waiting for me. Interacting with the NPCs just seems like random guesswork most of the time. How to fix this: Have it so that taking Joy makes it impossible for them to tell you're a Downer because, well, you really aren't if you're on the drug. I should be able to loot trashcans or take an item from a body without having to worry about them finding out, because there's really no logical reason why they should if you're high off your ass like the rest of them. I don't mind that taking Joy makes you crash and raises your thirst meter because it gives you an incentive not to abuse the drug constantly, and isn't that one of the main points of the game's narrative? RNG Shit I don't have any better way to describe this. The procedurally generated world is a pain in the ass to deal with because all of the sidequests that I've seen so far are a chain of neverending fetch quests, fetch quests that require you to craft certain items, items that need materials that depend entirely on whether or not the RNG feels nice enough to spawn them. Everyone keeps bringing up the lack of tough linen for the padded suit needed for the beehive quest, but I ran into this roadblock even before that on my playthrough with the sidequest where you needed to craft antiseptic for a wounded Wastrel. I still haven't beaten the quest because I haven't been able to find alcohol in the garden district. Seriously, I've turned that entire map over and I haven't found one bottle, and apparently I'm not alone. A lot of these quests are so reliant on the crafting mechanic, and the ones that aren't require you to go all over the map fetching random drops. I don't know if RNG affects what sidequests appear either, but if it does, yikes. How to fix this: Have the game detect what sidequests have spawned and have the RNG spawn an abundance of materials associated with them. Granted, I don't know if the quests themselves are procedurally generated along with the world, but even if they aren't, the RNG for certain items should be higher. There are a lot of other little irritations and glitches. Having to pull open the map screen every five seconds just to see where you're going is frustrating; having one at the bottom of the screen would be more useful. Sometimes triggering quests ingame won't have their markers appear on the map. The doll quest with the dude in the treehouse wasn't activating on the map after I found it, so going back to his house was a pain in the ass because I kept getting lost. I've glitched through the map once or twice, too. That checkpoint with the doctor NPC was a pain because I ended up clipping through the building after I got through the first time and I couldn't get out so I had to close and restart the game. The glitches are to be expected, though, because it's an early build. I'm less accepting of everything else. In summary: the game isn't horrible or unplayable in its present build, but the unbalanced survival elements, unpredictable AI and wholly random whims of the procedural world are greatly hindering any enjoyment I can take from it. I'm all for challenges — believe it or not, I really like the inventory management because it reminds me of similarly paced games like old school Resident Evil. I like having to strategize on what I should take with me and what I should leave behind. What I don't like is being thrown into things with no indication of how certain elements work, being led to believe that a certain approach is the way to go and then having the game pull the rug out from under me and saying “nope, can't do that or you'll get fucked up by the Bobbie mob”, and having to constantly take myself out of the game just to find something to keep Arthur from dying of thirst/hunger. If you guys need anything clarified, hit me up. I'll be playing the game again today so maybe I'll find more to comment on.
  14. (note: this was waaaay too long and I had to split it up into another comment. sorry about that.) Full disclosure: We Happy Few was my most anticipated game for 2016/17. I found out about it shortly after the Gamescom trailer was released last year, and ever since then, I've been lurking the forums and following Compulsion's twitter for updates. I've watched gameplay vids of earlier builds, I've done all of my homework on the game. I knew what I was in for beforehand. Do I hate the game? No, far from it. Am I having fun, though? Not really. I know Early Access isn't indicative of a game's final quality because there are a lot of unfinished elements, but I don't think the same can be said for the core ones that make up the foundation of what we're playing. And as it stands right now, the foundation of WFH is really unsteady. What the team said in the menu screen message wasn't an exaggeration; the game is definitely unfinished and unpolished. I'm not completely discouraged by this, though, because you guys have a terrific community. I love how receptive Compulsion has been to criticism and suggestions for how to make the game better. I have faith in WHF, I have faith in the concept, faith in the team, and faith that they can put the worst of this behind them and make an amazing game out of this. Basically, I love this game's concept to death and want to see it succeed with all my heart, so if I sound painfully blunt with the feedback I'm about to give next, just know that's it's not out of meanness. I'm going to be as honest and forthright as possible. I've been playing the game for several hours, and so far I've noticed three huge problems with the game that revolve around its core mechanics: the conformity/drug mechanic, the RNG with the procedurally generated world and how that affects the sidequests, and the survival mechanics (thirst/hunger/sleep). There are a lot of other smaller issues too, and I'll branch off to them as I go, but those are the three big ones. Survival The survival mechanics so far are very unbalanced. You start starving/dehydrating way too quickly and way too often. You can eat up half of your inventory just to fill the hunger meter up, go walk around for several minutes or sleep for an hour or two just to get the sleep meter to a more manageable state, and then find yourself back at square one before you can even get comfortable with the idea that you're playing a guy who doesn't need constant babysitting. It's way too excessive and it makes the game incredibly tedious because you constantly have to take yourself out of doing a sidequest for materials (more on that later) just to start scavenging around for something to shove down Arthur's throat so he won't die from hunger. Like, I get that the whole point of this is to offer a challenge to players that combat/stealthcentric games don't normally give, and to have you interact with the game's environment in a unique way, but the irony is that it's working AGAINST it. This is the kind of game where I want to take my time and explore the world. There are so many lovely, small details to take in and so much to admire, but I can't do any of that because I'm constantly being rushed and paying more attention to how my hunger/thirst/sleep meter keeps popping up and ticking down. Those Uncle Jack episodes? Amazing. I want to watch each of them and enjoy the fruits of everyone's Kickstarter money, but I can't because I can literally starve to death if I'm not paying attention and choose to watch the episode instead of babysitting my status bar. It's also bleeding into other aspects of the gameplay too, especially the stealth-based ones. Isn't the entire point of stealth to be patient and plan your attack meticulously? You can't really do that if you're babying the meters constantly. At one point, I couldn't help but think that the time I was wasting — yep, wasting — trying to sneak into a sidequest important house would be better spent scavenging for rotten food because by the time I finished up here I wouldn't have enough time for food-searching so death would be pretty much inevitable. I'm not able to enjoy myself because I'm always being pressured to hurry up and find something to get rid of status effect #10934, and I can't help but feel like it's a transparent attempt to pad the game out or make it artificially difficult. It's discouraging, tedious and unpleasant. How to fix it: Just scale it back or increase the potency of food. Either have the meters take longer to appear/tick down, or make it so that only one consumable or two at the most will fill it back up again.
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