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  1. U got to have something to stay alive here I found a syring blueprint with something to suppress the plague but not take it away anyone know what u need for that part of the map
  2. I got the next part of the map after the honey toll quest but the next place had a plague it killed me after being there for a wee bit
  3. I am playing on Xbox too exact same thing happens to me I just got past the honey toll and went to the next part of the map but it had a plague and killed me after a bit being there
  4. I am kinda asking the same thing but it's about a quest that won't work I believe
  5. The quest walkabout is not working I believe that u have to take a joy pill at the tree park after u get Sally's toy car and the ghost will appear and start walking somewhere but she does not move away from the tree I've done this countless times now but nothing seems to work
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