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  1. For some reason the game continuously crashes and closes itself as I make my way through the mushroom house in this quest. It happens whether I fight someone or make my way through fairly peacefully.
  2. Thanks Clement! Obviously I am only posting to make sure you guys are aware and definitely not to complain.
  3. At the very end I am suppose to pick up items the couple has dropped/left behind. I can not find anything in the area and obviously can't re access dialog to re evaluate. Not sure if there is a bug involved or I missed some chat about the items being at some other location. On the water pump quest, no matter how many of the required repair items I have on hand it will never allow me to repair the pump handle. The woman in the beginning that you find dead and need to remove the rotting corpse of, I dropped her to check out the dangers outside the hidey hole and it will not allow me to pic her body up again after that so I am unable to complete that secondary.
  4. I am sorry but I do not think this game is hard at all. I actually think it is quite refreshing to not have the game hand holding me the whole way through. It is like games use to be. You need to use your brain and intuition. I find the younger generation is not able to do this anymore because of game hand holding them and putting giant gleaming markers above treasures and items and blinking red icons around what to do next. That's why they are unable to play older games and don't enjoy them because the feel to hard and don't offer instant gratification. Plus in the game your coming down off some pretty hardcore drugs of course you have no idea wtf is going on.
  5. I think the best way to balance this is to just slow down the day night cycle and with it the bodily needs a bit. I just feel like I never have a chance to get anything done at all and just keep doing the same thing over and over making little progression.
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