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  1. Xbox is behind with the updates, steam/pc will receive updates first. We should have been due for one any day now though I thought.
  2. I love the game so far, I have spent well over 40 hours playing and I feel it's only a taste of what's to come. However the quests are so bugged on the console version. When will the Xbox One be seeing an update/patch for some fixes?
  3. While I have not seen any particularly guides, I have seen enough of the encounters for them to start to be recognizable, there are plenty of bugs for the quest but for the most part it will not clear off finish after following instructions of quest so you'll pretty much know when it happens.
  4. Well the valve glitched at first so I restarted, did it again but I rendered him unconscious and just stole the key. Faraway was no where to be seen after I hacked two systems and also had to pull fire alarm to open the metal shutters. She just wasn't standing there.
  5. What did you do with the bucket? I could never refill the power cells after getting the bucket.
  6. How are you guys getting Faraday's workshop to work? It never let's me progress and after 40 hrs I'm a but wiped lol
  7. Wow very nice, I can't get passed the bugs but I've gotten near the end twice now and had to restart.
  8. ? You press the traditional start button, three lined button, close the game and start it back up. if it doesn't fix you prob have to restart
  9. I logged out, closed the game. Restarted and I was able to leave. I also got bugged and was able to only walk underneath the guy.
  10. The second floor doors will open if you pull alarm after the boxes are dealt with, the little red one that looks like a fire alarm. But there is still another barred door after that, can't open it at all.
  11. I just handed the bulbs to her, she accepted them but it didn't clear the quest, then she reset to the beginning of it once more. Haven't been able to refill the empty power cells from the filled bucket, I've filled from both pipes now. Stole the clever trap off the guys body then disabled the power box...didn't update quest. I also gave the guy at the lab the valve, bugged, I strangled him, picked up the key anyways, when I go back the water pipe is no longer busted. It seems I'm not able to push into the last area at all. Time to restart, again...I really can't wait for a patch/update.
  12. Thank you, likewise, I'm glad there Is someone out there enjoying this a bit too much as well lol. Happy gaming!
  13. I found another pump leaking the motiline, so perhaps after I find a 2nd bucket and fill that up from the second source I'll move on?
  14. While I don't agree the inventory idea, I have run into some bugs that prevent the user from completing missions. I have completed a few quest and they still remain active on my map such as the Cult of Jack and the Wounded wastrel quests. While I do understand it's an alpha game I can not wait for some fixes for quest related issues. Like you, I've enjoyed the hell out of this game and it has been the only thing that I have been playing since the preview released. I'm so excited for a patch or update, I'm in love with what it is so far and there is only more greatness to come.
  15. Anyone figured out how to Refill Empty Power Cells for "Tea Time" quest?
  16. I would doubt that they have codes for you to use this early. It's still an unfinished alpha program.
  17. I agree, I know it's early Alpha but some of the objectives just bug out and from there you can't complete/progress. I ended up just dying w my original save and starting over to a new map where the quest actually worked and followed each other up nicely.
  18. command console is only for pc's, the closest cheat [apart from hard/soft modded pieces of tech] that a console game will let you do is mess with save files. unless the game has cheat codes<
  19. I've only been playing this since it released, I love the ambience, lack of explanation also adds to the learning curve, it's brilliant so far. Obviously when they release a few patches there will be even more reasons to enjoy. Don't forget your joy now.
  20. I somewhat like having to manage them, I plan ahead but time vs the needs definitely should be tweaked. Just my opinion
  21. @Rubi_Roe You just need to set objectives for yourself. A way that you enjoy playing. The day moves very quickly so get into the habit of roaming around for food when you wake up. Afterwards go scavenge houses and explore open fields. You will unlock quest and find items that will keep you progressing forward. Keep in mind it is a survival game and objectives are not going to be painted in black and white for you. It is also an Alpha build so bugs are inevitable, but as they patch the game it should become more and more accessible to you and other casual gamers.
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