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  1. Yeah I'm on XBOX as well. I can look past performance and all that jazz because I know it takes time. One of the awesome aspects of Game Preview is you get to watch it grow. I don't see why you'd want a refund if you'd consider getting it when it's "closer to playable". You've already paid for it so just enjoy the ride of watching a game come together...unless it doesn't lol.
  2. Hey all! I've been thinking through some of the management in WHF and I'm wondering some of the benefits, outside of the safe, your safe house can have. I've noticed some stew pots and other items around my world. Is there a way to install one of them to cook your food so you don't have to eat it rotten?
  3. Hey all! Wondering how some of you guys and gals have experienced the management system in the first area? Just trying to gauge if the gaming is being intentionally difficult or if there is a sharper decline in areas like Food conpared to other games. I'm enjoying it so far though.
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