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  1. little to no tutorial, so it took me ages to realise i could even craft things and how to do that. no saves makes it near impossible to get into the game. very disheartening to start playing, having no idea how to play and having to restart every 10 minutes. the half alive thing is pointless. especially when youre walking around basically dead, and theres nothing avalable to revive you. it just seems like a waste of resources. its so hard to find food , also when you walk too far away from things you cant see them on the compas, id really like if there were hints if you spend too long not doing anything. or anything! at this point, its too hard and i regret the purchase.
  2. i agree, theres little to no tutorial, very hard to find food and theres no way to get the random characters off your back once youve accidentally (or intentially) killed one of them.
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