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  1. could have fooled me if i had not found this note from a DR. A verloc!!!!! BUM BUM BUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! its of obvious that the story for this one is not quite done just yet and that is okay these things take time also a side note: Verloc might have a brother called sebastian
  2. hi i thought i might make this list of bugs that is specific so that the devs can attempt to see whats wrong on through trying out the problem. with that said lets get right to it. 1. Bedside take-downs are working only on the left side of the bed, meaning if there is a wall on the left side then chances are that you will get stuck from that. 2. Murder cases in apple holm are everywhere I've seen up six in three separate streets. 3. Corpses seem to teleport to the spot they were killed after carrying them. 4. doors can be only locked from one side (not sure if that's a bug but its sure makes no sense to me) 5. The Kthxbye bobby bug is still here (funny as hell though) 6. Uncle jacks episodes keep re-running (this might not be a bug but its a good excuse to get more of uncle jack) 7. Quest can seem unclear at times, too unclear for a figure it out sort of puzzle solution 8. AI can sometimes be a bit silly in terms of AI pathing. 9. i run a GTX 950 and a AMD FX-6300 and i can run the garden district at 60 fps on low with a little dip here and there, but apple holm can have stutters and fps drops to 30 and 45 there. This is not a bug but i thought i might mention it. These might seem like a big slew of bugs and there might be more but the game is in early access and also its only on the half way mark of development, but listing these problems might give the devs more insight into what needs to be fixed, I've have no data or code reports to give due to the fact that i don't know how to do that but i hope this list at the very least helps them id also like to mention this list was cut sort due to the bedside glitch getting stuck can sometimes cut you off from bug finding. hope the game is fun to make devs and shout out to uncle jack, and yes that was his best one of them all.
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