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  1. Im completely aware that Microsoft didnt really give you guys all that much to work with on the xbox one, but is the frame rate going to change in the final version?
  2. @MrScoot Thanks for the advice, I will keep that in mind if and when I post back here.
  3. I must have got a really bad spin for a world. In the starting portion of the map there were 6 or 7 buildings I saw that were severely distorted, some were elongated, stretched and way too skinny, while a few others were shaped half normal but one corner of the house is stretched out. Commonly on these houses would be floating signs next to where they would normally be hanging. The sign's there, but the bar typically supporting it isnt. As far as missions there are a few broken, a couple of which are already being fixed so I wont mention them, but the ones I havent seen mentioned yet are the yam cult one,and the jack cult one. The yam one worked up to the point where it told me to play the bongos but then the bongos would not work, regardless of being in combat or not. The jack cult one worked, I seemingly have done all I can, all checks have been crossed, but it keeps showing up as an active mission, showing priority over the other quests im attempting, and I dont know at this point whether im done or if theres something else to do.
  4. This is a dumb question and im pretty sure I know the answer but I plan to get a high ish end pc in the near future. If I do so will I have to buy the game again? Yet again im aware of how this works but just making sure theres nothing I can do to acquire it again for free.
  5. There are a few missions that arent working for me. One of them I know is already being updated upon because I read the list but I never saw anything on there about the other two. For example the rubber duck decoy mission. Sometimes when I start a new game when I go to the chef guy who has the rubber duck decoy, it's just a floating chefs hat, that I cant interact with. I have also seen some floating signs around the city, but that doesnt affect me. Another quest I had some troubles with was the quest where you give the suits to the man and his sick wife. I was waiting for him to finish talking and accidentally pushed the right stick down and he flew through the wall and down through the map, now he is permanently gone.
  6. Naw its all good I just started a new game, and now I know that I have to be somewhat careful. And it was also a bit odd because I have gotten stuck multiple times but that was the only time I was never prompted to get out. So maybe it was an off chance thing or maybe the position I was stuck in
  7. I tried hiding and sleeping but there is no prompt to, no matter where I look at the bed. I also tried shoving and it pissed the honey guy off and he tried to kill me. Also keep in mind im on xbox
  8. I got trapped behind the honey toll guys bed. I went up the stairs after I paid the toll and jumped into his area but went too far right and ended up trapped between the bed and the wall. Further jumping does nothing, I can crouch but thats useless, and unfortunately theres no option to sleep or hide no matter where I look at the bed so I cant break out that way. I think im stuck for good
  9. The puking guy who wants the neximide was the main issue I had. Same with the beggars although that wasnt too much of a loss
  10. Man im kind of dumb, if you read this and thought "what the hell is the constable thing hes talking about?" Well I went and looked everywhere for constables in the starting district when im pretty sure (correct me if im wrong) they arent there. I found them once I gave honey to the toll guy
  11. Im starting to get it. As I start to explore more and my inventory grows, its easier to survive on the go. The meters, I feel are still a little too fast, but not as fast as I thought they were yesterday. In fact if you were to change only 1 meter I would suggest extending the sleep one, because the others drain fairly quick but they are manageable once you have some food stocked up and keep by the water, sleep is trickier because you can go and sleep in others beds but if you dont want to get caught you sleep for a short little periods of times and I find myself doing that frequently. As far as glitches the constable thing was my bad I didnt know I was supposed to go to a different district but one prominent glitch I seem to have is not being able to give people stuff when they need/ask for it even if I have it.
  12. I have spent a few hours scavenging all the accessible map parts in my game, and im fairly certain ive gone everwhere, but I cant seem to find a constable anywhere. Is this a known glitch or a possibility its a glitch or do I need to do something to get them to spawn?
  13. I love having to figure out what im supposed to do but maybe make it a little less vague? I dont get lost because of the map but after I find a quest its kind of just like find this and then it doesnt really tell you even where it is. I like that. It shouldnt be obvious, but its just frustrating because there arent really hints unless you listen to the one time its told to you or you look in your menu thing, which is sketchy because your meters still go down the eating and drinking meter also kind of get in the way of what in looking for. I'll start to find stuff and then right as I figure it out im nearly exhausted, starving and thirsty so I'll have to backtrack. Which wouldnt bug me because it adds to the game but it seems too frequent. It seems as though I cant really get more than one or two things done without having to go and restock or refill your meters. Maybe that was the intent to add playtime? I dont know but me personally I feel like it would flow better and be more fun if I didnt have to eat and drink literally every few minutes, but more spread out. Like even in realism terms thats a bit much, like who needs to eat that much? Especially someone so skinny? But I digress other than that pretty good experience although there is one glitch that traps me into walls or buildings when I jump on them, but it can be fixed by simply jumping. Very very very small but thought I may as well bring it up while I was here. I'll keep playing and try to maybe see if there are things I could be doing more efficiently but I don't see an everyday gamer being able to pick this up and actually pass it without some help. But then again, some of the greatest games lie in the sheer challenge alone, take dark souls for example but at least it kind of lets you know its gonna kick your ass this game is unassumingly hard and I dont know if thats what youre going for. Its definitely not what people are going in and expecting
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