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  1. I had quite a large inventory of items and I decided to place the extra things in the cabinet inside the safe house... well I came back to get items out of it and everything was gone and some extra items generated over top of my items in there.... I thought it was and extra storage box but come to find out it robs you
  2. I play it on PC ultra max setting.... 60+ fps and the textures are very clean.... The games runs amazing for me but perhaps it needs some console fixing
  3. Ill give you a hit... a ghost gives you the power cell for completing a main quest and that's the cell you need to get the joy detector to work... you also have the option of using it for the cult of jack quest but I didn't do that as I feared it would somehow brick the game where I would not be able to make it to the next island
  4. Yeah I agree the game runs really well stay at 60 frames ultra setting no problems.... and ditto about the fact it is an alpha
  5. I also agree I think you should lose food and water if you sleep or at least not as much.... Plus the drain rates should be adjusted slightly... adjust them to much and it wont feel survival anymore....
  6. Firstly I started the mushroom log quest and was not able to pick up any mushrooms.... even after revisiting the log several nights in a row still no mushrooms but dialog between the two love birds continued... The final night it tells me to revisit the log and when I do they two characters become hostile thus making the quest broken.... now when I sneak up they just are sitting there in silence and I'm left with the broke quest unable to finish it.
  7. I also cannot interact with her corpse any longer.... I was able to pick her up once when I first started the game now she just hangs in the corner
  8. So I finally made it to the new island... there are quest markers and event markers popping up everywhere but when I visit the sites marked its just empty lots.... void of building grass everything.... I cant continue the game because well there are no building loading... I understand this is an alpha so I will wait patiently for a fix but its kind of a game breaking glitch... I have tried saving exiting reloading everything short of starting a new profile....
  9. So I finally found the required iteams for the tree house guy and he tells me to come back to that area at night and find a invisible house while high on joy and at night... I have used all my joy running around the entire area and cant seem to find anything.... is this a bug or do I need to look harder.
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