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  1. Will an option to disable the auto centering or auto look center option be available in the final release? Thank god the dead zone options were added!
  2. Will you guys be adding in a take single items option for looting objects? As of right now there is only a "take all" feature wich doesnt always suit every situation. Would love the option to only pick and choose certain items to pick up when searching lootable objects.
  3. maybe a magnified square of the selected item could work? like when an inventory square is selected it would pop out and become slightly larger
  4. Ah ok i see that now but its inability to "pop" made that seemingly easy concept hard to see and understand. just a thought
  5. Is this in the works? Such as taking apart a second Torn Suit in order to gain cloth or fabric or what have you
  6. So I know this is an alpha but could we maybe get the arms of our character to have no suit/sleeves visible when we accidently drop our suits and are unable to find them on the ground again due to the item dissapearing so that we are naked for the next 3 hours? It would be a nice llittle added touch
  7. Could you guys maybe change the color of the seleted inventory item to something other than white? It makes it very hard to see where in your inventory your selected item it upon opening the inventory screen up while in the panic of running or fighting. obviously its ideal to not have to open it at all during combat due to proper item management and preperation but things happen! The cursor/reticle/selected item being highlited in a white border fails to make the selected item "pop" while viewing the screen at a glance. Also maybe a more obvious "starting point" for said cursor while in the inventory would be helpful as well instead of the seemingly random placement of the cursor upon opening of the screen.
  8. Anyone have any idea why the HUD's are different between the console and PC? I have beeen seeing screenshots of the PC game in action and I have to say it is MUCH more impressive looking than this game running on the xbox ONE. it would seem to me that a HUD would not take that much more graphical prowess to render/draw efficiently so the stripped down more bare bones looking HUD for the console seems unnecessarily disparaging. Any idea if the final versions will look the same?
  9. Will you guys everadd a feature where my purchase of your game on the Xbox one would allow me to download and play your game on windows 10 as well?
  10. Just wanted to point out a very sluggish and annoying feature regarding the look/camera speed when using the right analog stick playing this game on the xbox. The dead zone feels to be defaulted to around 90% or something extremely high. Seperate sensitivity setting for x and y axis plus dead zone manipulation would be greatly appreciated!
  11. I have it on the One as well and it feels like maybe 15 fps. You guys are only shooting for 30 for release? why not 60 fps at 900p or whatever it is the xbox one can handle?
  12. got it on the xbox sooo, and I do understand the concept of an alpha but a console alpha should at least be stabilized enough to even experience the game enough to find other more important bugs/ideas to point out via this forum
  13. I'm getting around 12 frames and no quest markers. Can we get a refund from microsoft for this purhase? I will play this once its closer to PLAYABLE. This company made a bad decision putting it out this early...No second chances for a first impression and all that.
  14. same thing. bug occurs where you cannot pick up Mrs Stokes once exiting the safe room for the first time
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