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  1. I went to one of the Joy gates other a bridge between Joy part and no Joy part, doors locked behind me and in front of me there was an inactive Joy detector with a door just behind, couldn't do nothing. A guard was observing from above, not moving, no alarm, just a locked room so I had to die. Wasn't able to complete 2 quests due to the lake of interact box : 1) sacred yam (don't know the english name) quest -> need to take the book but the option is not there, there is just nothing on the book (even after reloading or coming back another night) 2) Had to bring a bucket to Mrs Faraday but when I came back with the bucket there's only an interaction to say 'Hi' and nothing else triggering Hope it will help, great game
  2. I didn't find a feature like this in the game and I found it hard to follow an objective constantly checking on map (even if you know the map after a few hours ^^).
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