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  1. Doing these quests is interesting but what about things to help improve the Downers and such. I know their are quests to do these but their isn't much to change visibly about changes. Like their is a downer who was a medic and he talked about how their isn't any dr.'s who are joy users who practice medicine any more and they just prescribe joy pills. Any not also have a quest line where you get to bring the downer's with medical training even if it's not much together to form a make shift hospital and you can trade in medical supplies to them to get different useful items that are hard to craft. It would be neat if in certain places like that you can create small little beacons of hope with the Downers that inhabit those regions. Even like helping create a small herb garden or other things that can actually you can hear from downers in some areas that seems to give some hope. I have fun with those quests for helping people but I think it would be interesting if some wider scale results on some would be the result on completing some of the quests you get.
  2. Looking at this well to be honest with this situation I wouldn't be fully content with just escaping this city it would be nice to also get the chance to fight back in ways against the joy. Like setting fire to crates of joy or sabotaging something that dispenses it. These could be high risk tactics but they could give the player long term advantages in the game like as you sabotage and destroy joy caches or storage containers of joy the city starts to feel the loss of joy as their is less and less to take and thus you can see the citizenry slowly act not like normal as joy comes in short supply and more downers start to pop up due to the lack of joy. and thus also give the player more room to maneuver and to get into areas they normally can't. It would also be nice to even use the drug's effects against itself. Like how certain drugs affect each other in different ways. If you can make some kind of gas drug that doesn't do much to someone who stopped taking joy but if a Joy taker breaths it it can create some kind of reaction similar to other junkies. Like maybe an effect that produces the opposite effect that joy is suppose to do like a massive feeling of depression or guilt, or fear or anger it would depend on the drug but it would be interesting if the player would be to find ways to combat the druggies by exploiting the drug they take. I could even picture contaminating joy in the game with some kind of drug that render's it's effect useless or something like that.
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