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  1. It kinda ruins the point of 'having your options count'.
  2. I was talking more about the shops in Hamlyn, maybe could have a shovel. I am agreeing with you with the concept that finding a shovel should be hard in an area where like you said, "Not a town anymore". It's chaos.
  3. That's the point of looking around and knowing the town more, or rather to explore a bit more. Maybe the shops should have recipes, but at the very least yeah, the way how to obtain the shovel should be different. My point is, how things are set up and the character learns things should be random, and thus create more of a different experience. At the very least, have the different characters have different buffs/recipes.
  4. Okay, I don't think the game should have a skill tree, mainly due to how the skills that you can get in the game are designed to be rewards for looking around. The player should not just get a 'level up' bonus, and I love the idea of all the skills having random bonuses from the books. The game is meant to be randomized, and a skill tree would remove some of the RNG from the game.
  5. I honestly just think I get too much rotten apples and rotten food and I thought it would be nice to put it all in a stew and have more stuff in my inventory.
  6. The biggest thing I think is needed... having the ability to rotate items.
  7. I don't think that's really a good idea. Dishonored system kinda bogged down the game in my idea, and maybe it should go something like the metal gear solid route. Killing is an option, and not killing anyone should be a good achievement as is.
  8. Also, I think it would be rather swell if you can use campfires to make your own stews, like somewhere a new type of crafting genre that involves food so that case you can possibly create new ways of removing joy or having the not rotten parts of the food into a meal. Sure you can make it and say that the food won't help as much with hunger, but the idea of learning more about using what you have and making something more edible would be great with a survival game.
  9. Okay I am probably gonna be a tosser for this, but is there any way to make the game quality's graphics go lower down still? Or rather a way to make it look like a 360 game? Either that or is there gonna be a way to lower the resolution down even more? Again I am not trying to be 'that guy' and the 30FPS patch was amazing, but I just would like it more if they could do a way to make the frame rate less... shifty at times. Also, I would like it if there was some way you can actually see the people who are important for missions, or important items lighting up. I am not saying like over the top, but at times I can't see the items people dropped like trying to find the power core when it is lost in grass.
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