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  1. Just going to write some general suggestions and summaries of things I really liked/didn't like so far in my playthrough. Day/Night Cycle: + I am a HUGE fan of having dynamic events that occur either only during the day or only during night-time. It provides two distinctly different atmospheres within which you can play the game, and I think it definitely enhances the immersion of it all in the long run. Definitely a plus in my book. - I think that the Day/Night Cycle could absolutely be a bit longer, or at least more under the player's control. I find that there's not really enough time to fully commit to quests during the day or night without the time-frame changing halfway through the quest I'm trying to accomplish. The general pacing of the cycle feels rushed and it feels like I'm constantly in a hurry to get stuff done, or to explore. I'm not a huge fan of it. I understand that the passage of time needs to be paced relatively well, but I also feel like I should have time enough to accomplish what I'm setting out to accomplish. Food/Water/Sleep: + Overall, always a positive mechanic that helps keep the player in a more 'survival' type of mood. I think that the cost of stamina regeneration versus conformity decreasing negatives is a good, strong gameplay mechanic that keeps the player honest and helps them balance their actions throughout the course of the day. - Again, almost all of these mechanics make me feel rushed while I'm playing. I feel as though I'm constantly scarfing down food to keep up with the day/night cycle, and that exhaustion cuts my actual ability to explore and discover the area that's available to me to a startlingly short time frame. Some gentle tweaks in making this a bit more forgiving, or some form of 'difficulty level' or slider that I can use to adjust this, along with the day/night cycle, would be preferable. Inventory System: + Keeping the player moving back and forth between the safe area is a fantastic idea, because it forces them to go out and explore in batches. - I quickly find, however, that because of the amount of food I scarf down in a day, most of my inventory is filled with food and water items. Otherwise, I don't particularly see a huge problem with this. It means I have to actually think about what I'm doing and manage my plans for the day accordingly. Map Markers and Quest System: + Relatively clean - good, concise legend and very easy to follow. - Alright. I have a bunch of problems with this, believe it or not, and I think that most of them are because the map isn't /quite/ working as intended. I have a number of map markers that stay beyond their usefulness and a lot of map markers that are just... in the wrong spot. It seems to vary /slightly/ with the game that I'm playing, but in general they just... aren't... correct. - Further, I would like the ability to toggle and track quests so that I can narrow my focus down to one particular quest at a time so that I'm not constantly having to try and hunt down the quest that I'm looking for, and I can just kind of follow it on the compass hud at the top of the screen. - Also, I'm not sure if this is intended, but I'm a big fan of having every quest have a map marker. While I understand this may break the immersion for some, I feel like an option could be added to toggle map markers off at least until you've uncovered the part of the map that you're looking for. Unless each quest is very clear and deliberate in what you're looking for, however, a map marker for at least the general region you should be looking in is incredibly helpful. Especially if you are trying to use a limited resource in order to locate your quest objective. [Looking at you Johnny Bolton and your Mystery House] Other than that, there are some bugs that I found with quests, including some script misfires and a couple of broken NPCs, but I'll post something in the bug reports forum. Overall? I love what I've played so far and I absolutely look forward to the final version of the game. I'll make certain to recommend it to my friends. Keep up the amazing work guys!
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