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  1. I remember seeing something about multiple characters and noticed how permadeath is essentially game over. So I was thinking that it'd be cool if, after the other characters are implemented, once your character dies you could continue the same game as a randomly picked new character and possibly stumble upon NPCs burying your previous characters body. After taking the NPCs out, and the help of a shovel, you are able to retrieve items from your older character. I was thinking this could be a way to allow each character to have their own specific story within the same world and once one dies you just play through the new character's story as if the series of events just follows the previous ones death. You'd have to create a new game eventually to finish dead characters story and survive all the way with them, but this would allow every story to possibly happen in one game without having to start a new one for each every time you die. The way my mind sees it is as a family. You play through the dads story and his cutscenes or missions are tied to him. Once he's died the game randomly chooses the son (or whatever character) and you continue in the same world and can find your fathers body in the game and continue with the items you acquired playing as him. This would continue until the end game is reached or each member has died. It would also be great to see more cutscene stories, although I am loving the lore I have stumbled upon so far.
  2. I was able to continue, but there was loss of some progress.
  3. Game crashed while digging up the 3 plots that contained lily bulbs.
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