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  1. I threw a rubber ducky at an old lady... That's just sick!
  2. For me I think it has to be reversing the polarity of the street based Joy detectors, it was carnage.
  3. Then go talk to the Doctor Is this the Doctor pictured in the link below? http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/3652/71-days-in-faraday-won-t-speak-to-me Because when I knocked out Maxwell and stole his key, I finally got the the gate shown in the linked pic, but there was nobody there. I assumed it somehow bugged out?
  4. is this normal ?? It never gets that dark for me, I can see pretty much everything as you would expect with a full moon. But all the red icons are a bad sign, it could be your vision being blacked out. Unless it's as dark as that normally?
  5. Question: So, you have to get honey every time you want to enter that area or is it supposed to be a one time toll. I threw his unconscious body out of the toll house, after that the gate remained open.
  6. My workaround is that I took him down I tried that, it said the mission failed. Although I was able to get the key and enter the building, there was a door I couldn't open. So not sure if that means I can't go any further?
  7. After finding the hammer pipe, Floyd no longer has any actions available, so I can't give it to him. You can't even talk to him either.
  8. Even going back to the honey tree and there was no honey left. Not sure if there was anything else I could do to proceed forward. You can find honey in other locations, but it's pretty rare
  9. This may be tough to repro since it seems like a fairly unique issue I have the same problem, only when I tried to search her the game crashed. Sent two crash logs so hopefully that might help.
  10. Same. I had to buy the valve from the store, because I don't have Lud's bridge to get the blue print for a valve. Gave the valve to Max and immedietly pressed X to talk, which might have been a mistake I bought the valve too and the same thing happened. I didn't press anything so I don't think that's related.
  11. That seems to apply to all sound effects if you interrupt them. For example the lock-pick and balm preparation SFX's too.
  12. It turns out the quest as described by the guy in the tree house, is completely misleading in multiple ways. I wonder how much total time was spent on that wild goose chase
  13. You can swap items between your inventory and containers such as chest etc Open the object to search then open your inventory, you will have a storage option on the right of the screen. But it doesn't look like they stay where you left them, seemed to reset each day. There are items that add expand your capacity, but it isn't obvious at first. You gave to activate them, not really sure why as they make so sense as actual items you can carry.
  14. I appreciate you finding it. Thank you. No worries If that was all everyone cared about, I doubt you'd have had to go digging to find that save file. The thing that always concerns me is, whether or not I have run into a dead end. Take the quest we mentioned above, I need more Joy to complete it, but I have have a nagging feeling I've found all there is. Then assuming I have failed that quest, does it mean I'm denied an item I will need to progress further? A lot depends on how robust we perceive the game design to be.
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