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  1. I always thought an abandoned military hospital would be cool for the game (if there isn't one already) where you can dig up the medical oddities of the past and maybe early tests of joy
  2. I have a theory, It's been 20 years since WWII ended and the Joy crazed society began. Given that this England is much different than real world 60's England, I think that Wellington Wells bought out a ton of American Products, because real world 60's America had the googie aesthetic that most of the newer Wellington Wells has (e.g: The brightly colored Jetsons/Space Race look to everything https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Googie_architecture .) It could be that 20 years of American products have changed England
  3. that's what I mean, full customization of degradation speeds, like if you don't like sleep, you can set it to have no degradation
  4. A lot of people complain about how quickly your needs can degrade, so why not give them sliders before starting a world? With presets to easy, medium, hard, and custom. You can get extremely bizarre games where you starve like a hummingbird, or you never need sleep. While is can make the game ridiculously easy or hard could possibly make it more for fun for those looking solely for the story experience or those looking for a brutal survival game
  5. have you tried talking to them... They'll stop vomiting and talk then you can hand over the pills. (PC version)
  6. very yes! I hate when I'm looking for an encounter I passed by and I have to look at the map 13 times to get back to it
  7. This is basically the catch all thread for these sorts of things (if there isn't one already.) Weird textures, out of place objects, etc for me, the game (pc version) runs as normal, but out of the safe out I noticed a floating sign that was in the middle of the road rather than attached to a building/wall
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