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  1. I've had the same problem, Arthur says something like "Wait I have a question" but the ghost does not move, nor can you interact with her. I am playing on Xbox.
  2. I agree with this, its very hard to even navigate the inventory on Xbox One, half the time I don't know what i'm even highlighting.
  3. I've played about 5 hours I'd say, and I think the difficulty is just right, my only request would be for us to place our own waypoints on the map. That and a few of the quests appear to be broken.
  4. @derbyjoker - Not sure the ghost quest triggered correctly for me. I went back at night and used Joy, and Arthur said "Hey wait up, I want to talk to you" or something like that, but the ghost just stood there, and I was unable to interact with it (is alpha so I figured it wasn't working properly, I wandered off to do other stuff). @Poxo How do you get the power cells out of the flashlight? I've got one as well from the mecanic's table, but I don't know how to remove the power cell from the flashlight. Thanks!
  5. Village? I've walked around and mapped out everything, and am on day 9, on a third attempt with permadeath, is there any way to get across the bridge without a power cell? I got the Bridge of Lud up and running but it seems it only lets me get to a small pit with a reward of an expanded inventory, am I missing something?
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