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  1. I would love to just walk in and talk to the people making this and watch some development hurdles and what not. I wish Game Companys had the time to be able to let people stop by and visit.
  2. I have never tried to update my Projects in UE4. So i don't know how updating the Engine would effect We Happy Few and Unreal's 4.16 update has a lot of Lighting effects i would love to see utilized in We Happy Few. Does anyone know how this works? Volumetric Lighting does not make a good game by any means but i think it could be a nice touch rather than using "Sunshafts" Built into the Directional light. A Side Question Can the current Unreal Engine Update even do Day/Night Cycles or does it HAVE to be baked into the map in a static manner?
  3. They gotta make those ducks a running meme type thing. ITS HILARIOUS.
  4. I saw the teams Weekly Update. To get it out of the way; I really appreciate you guys really looking into our posts. Unfortunately this weekend i have not been able to play the game due to Work and what not. i try to play the game whenever i can. i will be all over that next update too; And will promptly re-do this post to fit the next update!
  5. Did you write a Report When it crashed? I would Suggest this; Instead of trying to play the game like it would have been released in Full function; i would play it to find every error you can. Help them out!
  6. Bold: Contains Main Topic Italic: Not Very Important... But Should be Noted! Underline: Seriously Important... To me... At least! "Block-Quote": My own Opinion... Because that matters anyways! More Graphical Sliders! - Split "Post-Processing" into its own little slider section. (Ambient Occlusion, God-rays , ETC. I'm a fan of God-Rays!) - View Distance... Why is it not a Number Slider? (More To Come on this Section.) Difficulty Options? - Difficulty Sliders. They are a must. I am Sure Compulsion is at work on this as i make this Post. - Time Sliders. The longer the days; The longer the nights... Means more increased Difficulty and Resources? - I do way to much damage. And NPCs Seem to be using Squeaky Toys... Plays in With Difficulty I have noticed they days are WAY to short. a month in game is 5 hours playtime tops. As a Early Access Game; I can understand. If this is not added after release? i would be severely disappointed to say the least . i cant even think on what to do next before i have to find food, water, or take a nap. If the Time Slider was added on top of a difficulty; That would be Fantastic! The Difficulty seems like Child's Play. i hit harder with my fists than the NPCs can hit with a hamster. Why is this? (P.S: Block-Quote doesn't seem to work here >.<) Tutorials! So i cant swim after all! - I had no idea how to craft, check my map, or use any other tab other than inventory. This sounds so ignorant of me... But these Eastern RPGs make sure we know how to press W to go forward... Could There be something like that too? a Step by Step Introduction on how the inventory works (I.E Crafting, In-Game Menu Tabs, ETC.) Click E Twice to win!" - Seriously guys... Can we get a quick loot? and loot pop ups? Been getting sick of going through a menu. - You gave us an Inventory of what a Chest has in a menu... But i cant scroll through it; Only allowed a "Take All" Option. I DO NOT find this funny. Quite annoying! Better take my Happy Pill! Minor Issues - Beam Me Up Scotty! I teleport when i parkour. it is hilarious. But i don't think it would look good at release. - This Rubble Has me Hostage! I can tell you this; That rubble had me hostage for 20 mins of the game time i currently have. Collision fixes for destroyed houses? - The Wastrels are SO MEAN! i give him water; And He tells me to bugger off... DID YOU NOT JUST BEG FOR THAT DARN WATER?! Disposition Levels would be awesome. I would not be too worried about that though. Can You guys lower the Frequency of the "BUGGER OFF!" ETC? (More to Come in This Section.) Things to Add in the future. NO pressure required! -Smooth Parkour. Not gonna lie. If it was left as it was currently; Wouldn't be too much of a problem. - Color Grading. UE4 Has the ability to interchange this. You know this! Can we get a pause menu slider for this? (Don't i sound like a Slider Fanatic? its because i would rather not watch The Cynical Brit Bash this game on not having enough Pause Menu Customization. ) -More Weapons! Craft-able Too! (More To Come in This Section.) Anyone Have Suggestions or Comments? Put em down below so that way Compulsion can see em! Want to show a Display of Affection to their game?! Comment that too! More suggestions you guys bring up the more Material Compulsion might use! CONTINUE MY LIST SQUIRES! (Edit: Please Do leave Bug Reports too.)
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