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  1. Just a few ideas to make the inventory a bit easier to navigate and manage. I think all the items should be color-coded by their use. So, like, drink items could be Blue, Food could be Yellow, Weapons could be Red, Equippables could be Green, and pure crafting materials could be Grey. These are just examples, and would probably need color-blind options as well, but that would tell you exactly what items you had. Another thing that would make looting quicker and easier would be some tooltips while looting, and being able to pick individual items to loot without bringing up the entire Inventory. Maybe show what tools can be created with the loot that is found before it's picked up, or its stats if it's a weapon or something. I'm sure you guys have already thought of things like this, but these are just things that glared at me during my 5 hours of play today. Thanks in advance!
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