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  1. Yes I need to find the items for food, drinking, Medi and so on fast because Im dying in that time. Its really hard to identify the important items that I need to survive. Seperate Boxes for food, drinks, medical items is more than necessary. The rest of the items are not so important.
  2. Yes. I have the same problem. The cameraspeed feels so slow. And when you turn up the cameraspeed in the settings first it is slow and then too fast. I hope there will be a fix.
  3. 30fps is ok and can be fluent but at the moment it feels way under it. I think all Bioshock Games are 30fps on consoles and it runs well.
  4. @Sam: Thanks for the fast answer ;-) Besides this the game is really great for its early stage. I hope it will evolve technically in the future. @BrothelCreeper: The graphics are good but when you turn the camera left and right the whole gameplay feels very slow sometimes. Also some textures (like on trees) have no high resolution. Overall it feels too slow. But I guess this will be fixed. The game is in an early stage.
  5. Hi Guys, I like your Game so far and bought it. I know its an alpha but will the performance be way better in the future? The graphics arent very fluent.
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