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  1. anubis316

    Collectors edition

    I totally understand that. I am a bit of a nut when it comes to game collectors editions. I always get the most expensive one even if I probably shouldn't. But I really like the stuff and $150 isn't that bad to me
  2. anubis316

    Collectors edition

    So I have bought WHF day 1 on xbox and I was fully ready to buy that collectors edition, but then I saw it is not for the US. Can we please get it in the US? pretty please? I really would like it. Or is there a UK retailer that often ships to US? Maybe GAME? I don't know much about them. But please help me find a way to get that jolly edition
  3. I would love a mission called "the spy who shagged me"
  4. This is wonderful news, for me I want the survival just a little easier. I still want a challenge, but I am not good enough to survive on the current difficulty. Is Downer the mode we have been playing or is it a little easier? As much as I love this what I am really looking for is a way to have the starving speed cut in half. I think if I could just not get hungry so often I could survive a lot longer. I have only ever made it to the second area in this game.
  5. anubis316

    Cosplay Thread! Show off your Happy Face.~

    Here is a video to help anyone who want's to cosplay
  6. anubis316

    This is a perfect song for the game

    this song is good too
  7. anubis316

    Cosplay Thread! Show off your Happy Face.~

    This happened!!!!!! BTW this is Alex Epstein the narrative director. I will be posting a video on youtube talking about my cosplay experience with it, how well it worked, and a little how to so other people can do this too.
  8. anubis316

    Cosplay Thread! Show off your Happy Face.~

    @horrorshow Amazon, I am real happy with the helmet, I bought a touch light and glued it to a bobbie hat.
  9. anubis316

    Cosplay Thread! Show off your Happy Face.~

    [ I am getting close to being ready for NYCC
  10. anubis316

    Waypoints on map

    yea that is super helpful, but not what I am talking about
  11. So going thru my second playthrough and having a bit more trouble remembering where things are on this map. In Ark you can create waypoints at any cordinate on the map and name it. I think we should be able to do this too. That way I can make my own notes on the map
  12. Sorry if this has been posted before but I can't go back into my base. Any solutions? I don't really want to restart
  13. anubis316

    Cosplay Thread! Show off your Happy Face.~

    ok so I need some help from cosplayers. I am new to face paint.
  14. anubis316

    who wins simon says?

    @hoororshow I died trying to fight off the guys at night and they wont come back. but the campers are still waiting. Has to be a glitch. So I killed them and tried to open the box, but says I need a jimmy bar(I have 3 on me) so I think I got double glitched. I might need to start over
  15. I can't figure this out. on my map I have found the location it takes place in the second area, but when I go there all I find is 2 people camping. I go there at 3pm like I am supposed to and I don't see anyone. what am I supposed to do here?