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  1. Try re-searching the abandoned houses. I had the same problem, but when I rechecked some, I didn't realize there was an upstairs to almost every broken building and eventually found tough linene
  2. 8th bug: some items can't be picked up when dropped example: the Jimmy bar
  3. 7th idea: When there's an weapon on the ground, if no weapon is equipped, you can press why to equip it
  4. 6th idea part 2: then you're in amy underground base with unseen gadgets and before you do anything you see a cuts cent of the crazy guy killing the person next you you and he goes away and you try to escape and stuff.
  5. 6th idea: the longer you survive more insane stuff starts happening: like unknown crazy person kidnaps people at night and spots you and triespecially to chase you down to kidnap
  6. 5th idea: When you fall in water, there's an actual reason of death like: Swallowed too much of the water mixed with joy and drowned or joy infested piranhas
  7. 1st Idea: When crouching, a unique indicator when spotted by people while sneaking.
  8. 7th bug: completed the quest "if you give a pig a blanket" but still shows marker on map as if not completed
  9. 6th bug: when I started the game I decidedon't to run and ran into the big chest to open it. It disappeared after I finished picklocking. I think it did that because the game was still loading
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