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  1. I'm also a very dull person and I project my insecurities so take that with a grain of salt.
  2. Any chance on making the animation a little bit more "WOW"? Although it unlocks and what have you, the grey only animation seems dull enough that I almost didn't notice what it had done.
  3. Oh that's great news. Are we supposed to find Phlash before incapacitating him? Should I be using a crash syringe on him? Would a Crash even work with him if he's not on Joy?
  4. I was wondering if the updates coming for this month will help improve some of this... https://account.xbox.com/en-US/gameclip/dd64c7c5-90eb-4b71-8e3c-1675fa39e141?gamertag=ForgingLions&scid=0bc90100-fe1f-4125-bc58-5f0e3a170172 I only ask because this is one of the most blatant examples of disconnected graphics I can see. Runner up would be the grass/ground when walking around the outskirts of any/all towns. When the ground raises or falls, the grass seems to spike out from the embankment like it isn't truly joined to the ground & foundation assets.
  5. I kind of like where Stranger is going with that, incorporating pets could be valuable. We know that historically, the Nazis tried to train dogs to read and speak. They loved their dogs. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1390340/Dr-Jan-Bondeson-Nazis-tried-teach-dogs-talk-read.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
  6. On that note, I hope there is more to him than just looting haha.
  7. I've had several of the same bugs as PopBlush et. al, but I was wondering specifically about the game save system. I just started a new game this morning 12/7 - will I also need to start a new game after tomorrow?
  8. I just fired up WHF for the first time in a few months today and I must say I am absolutely thrilled with the progress y'all have been making. Keep it up!!!
  9. I'll second this, too. I was left wandering around for what seems like a very short period of time (especially during the exploratory stages of the game) before I was forced to retire to my safe house. Later I tried to steal some sleep from a bed in a house but an angry mob came and killed me. Without beleaguering the semantics of the game, how is it that there isn't a spare bed anywhere but there are spare dressers with consumable goods just hanging around the abandoned houses? I think a small reduction in the depletion of status/effects could do some good.
  10. I'll second this. Unless there is an unfinished portion here, going right to credits only got a half-chuckle out of me and an audible "well that was dumb" from under my breath.
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