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  1. Gotcha. I'll keep these things in mind.
  2. @compulsiongames A radar addition would be very helpful. Instead of going through the inventory and tabbing over to get to the map a mini map or radar on the game screen would be very helpful. Also making items more discoverable would be nice. There seems to be too few areas that have food. The meter drops way to fast and supplies are limited. Have to balance that out before full game release. A shop to spend the sovereigns you find is a plus. Even if it's rotten food. Including shops should be something you must consider. Helps extend your life and make the game more exciting know that you'll be ok once you get to the store and shop for your food supplies etc. keeping people interested in the game right now is critical. Adding some of these things to either the alpha or both is key if you plan to keep the casuals who don't want to die everytime of hunger,thirst,etc.
  3. I crossed through the lud station. Rebuilt pump and put valve in and dropped down up and over and through to the other side. Just need to explore. And too late. Used my two pills thinking I can only make house appear while under effects. Like you said the mission brief is a lil hazy
  4. I found the house. Thanks for the hints tips etc. farming joy pill time. I used them thinking once I used it a house would appear. Duhhhhhhh
  5. I'm going off the landmarks. Johnny is a bit northeast. Where are you saying the mansion is. Do I have to cross the lud station? Guess I should look around huh. Just hate leaving an area that needs me to do things. But I'll keep exploring. Thanks for all the support. If ever need something. Feel free to ask
  6. @Iris_lockspur @feliciscognito Thanks for the tips. Just made it past the lud station. None in my lockers. I have flashlights that say can be used for lighting or have the cells removed for other things. Can't figure out how to remove them. Need a joy pill. You mean to cross the bridge I need joy? At night. Or what gates. The mansion gates?thanks again
  7. Have to look again. Didn't see a power cell. Two more questions for you guys. You guys are awesome at helping. Has anyone found the house that can only be seen with joy. And how can I dismantle a torch and use the cells for some bring else.
  8. Idk. I'm still trying to turn on tv for the people so I can search boxes and they can watch uncle jack
  9. Thanks. Near grom? Not sure if that's the name of it
  10. Does anyone have a general idea where to find a functioning power cell for the tv. So the townies can watch uncle jack. I have an empty one but can't find either a new full one or the material needed to refill an empty. Would really appreciate the help
  11. There is a ruined house nearby our safe house. A lady named pipa pye is upstairs and glitches through the roof and can still attack you and not be taken out. Beware of her.
  12. Hi there. Glad to be part of this alpha. Hope my help results in the final product being an almost bug/glitch free experience for all. If you guys have any tips or need help feel free to message me here or on x1. Mr ab capone

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