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  1. Meatbath has made some pretty good points but there comes a time when too much realism in a game detracts from the ultimate goal of the game which is for it to be fun. I don't think they should get rid of the survival aspect, I really enjoy it. I agree with a lot people that extending the day/night cycle would most likely solve this issue of quick depletion. The idea that they're trying to starve and kill off the people in the gardens makes sense but our ultimate goal is to get back into the city and we can't do that if we're distracted so heavily on finding the right kind of food to store so we can finish a mission. Tedium wins out over fun in that respect and that can kill a game faster than a bad story. I understand the devs don't want us to freely sprint around with no consequence and that's not the type of game I want this to be either but when I drink from a spigot and literally 3 mins later I'm thirsty again, the depletion rate is much too quick. Especially since the lower you are in whichever aspect has a negative effect on your characters ability to do tasks such as sprinting away from enemies if need be or jumping to get to a next level of a house, etc.
  2. I found a map that gave me locations to dig sites but when I got to the location that says dig site 1 the shovel icon doesn't appear anywhere for me to dig. I've zoomed in on the map as far as I could and walk towards the spot on the HUD that shows the dig area but the prompt to dig is nowhere to be found. The same is true for the components location for the health pack I got from the man in the tree house. My shovel is in my inventory and I could dig on "mine mine all mine" mission but I can't seem to dig these items up.
  3. I got this game through Steam early access and so far am enjoying the concept of the game. I've got about 2 hours into the game thus far (just bought it today) and so far my only complaint is how your hunger, thirst, and sleep depletes so fast I found myself constantly on the search for resources as opposed to doing any missions. I would understand if eating healthy food would last longer as opposed to rotten food but it seems like what you eat matters very little to how long you're able to stay "full." Thirst has the same issue but with water spouts available throughout the area it doesn't seem as cumbersome yet the constant need to check and "refuel" so quickly detracts from the ability to focus and complete missions. I like the mechanic overall but it needs to deplete much more slowly in order to enjoy the mission/story aspect of the game as opposed to simply walking around trying to find items so you don't starve to death or dehydrate.
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