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  1. have found two flashlights that give power cells FYI
  2. their address is listed if you google them FYI, and i bet their security is lacking...I live in Canada...I know things
  3. Hey Jeff373 once you buy it, you have the game. And if something fucks up and it says to buy it again just drive up to Montreal, go to their studio and start throwing hay makers.
  4. Or just being able to put markers on your map would be awesome.
  5. This is quest for the guy puking into the piggy trough?
  6. I as well got this bug. Went back afew nights for free food! and listened to them chat but no shrooms after the first night...then i had to eat spoiled onions and puked alot.
  7. First bug I found was when you get the quest to grab ducky at the camp fire with the sign of free stew for those in need. In front of the campfire Pot is a floating chef hat. I assume a character is supposed to be under it. And the second bug was at the white tree park when you pop the joy to follow sallys ghost. She just stands there after you grab the toy truck and pop the joy.
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