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  1. I got over St. Gorges Holm bridge and started taking my joy, but when I went to the underground safe house my joy ran out, and all the subtitles now say is . Disabling them and re enabling them does nothing to help. And while we talk of audio problems, all of the t.v screens with jack on them (the ones that rotate to look at you) play no sound whatsoever for me and im not sure if this is intentional or not.
  2. Found 2 quest related bugs so far, first is the weird dude asking for help with his little dolls, I have a med kit and he wont respond to it - all I can do is the general conversation option. Secondly the mysterious chest in the starting island that appers after a while, I picked the lock got attacked, had to kill half the street and now it wont let me interact with the box, at all. I can even walk straight though it but I still have the quest go use the box.
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