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  1. Nope according to the Playstation blog it’s a PSVR exclusive
  2. Hi I bought this game when it first came out for Xbox one however I have bought it today for PS4 because I have a PS4 pro and 4K tv my question is will this game support PS4 pro also love this game gonna do a playthrough on Xbox One and PS4 just cause I love it so much
  3. I just want to say before I begin this post that I have been a owner of this game since day 1 on Xbox One and this is probably why I'm finding the game boring right now. I think that the game has been out so long that I have completed each encounter 100s of times and I would love it if we could get some sort of new content I know that there have been a few updates and that you can't release the story until it's all finished but have you guys thought of an episodic approach similar to the long dark where you release the 1st episode of a story (Arthurs) and hen move on to the next one in the future and then the last one this would end the boredom that I'm facing. Don't get me wrong I absolutely adore this game I own it on Xbox One and have done since day one and will continue to support you guys and the games you create but these are just a few suggestions that I feel would bring me back to playing days on end like i did when it first released.
  4. Cool can't wait for this update to be avaliable on Xbox One keep up the great work guys I have loved the game since day 1
  5. Yeah I have decided to run through again although this time it only took me 20 - 30 minutes to get to the same part
  6. I had the same problem she just isn't there and I really don't want to restart but I guess that's my only option?
  7. So I am playing we happy few on the Xbox One and I'm up to the Faraday quest so I purchased the pipe valve and gave it to him and that worked fine. But then I went upstairs and disabled the trap ( reversed the polarity) and the lady who is supposed to continue my quest isn't there. I have tried closing the game and opening it again nothing worked. Am I going to have to start my whole game over again? Any help is appreciated. Cheers
  8. I have been playing since the game has released and I have to say I LOVE this game seriously the people who worked on this THANK YOU the game is brilliant and I cannot wait to explore more but first I need to find a power core to get to a certain place again lol stupid permadeath
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