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  1. The first area you're in after the prologue should never have shops. It's not a town. It's not even a neighborhood anymore. It's an oubliette in the most literal sense. At best, the random NPC that you can barter with using an item for item trade system might work, but for an NPC to recognize value they'd have to have the capacity for something other than screaming batshit crazy idiot nonsense. It's perfect as it is right now once you come to understand its function.
  2. But can we GIVE plague, because being a multiverse hopping immortal is wasted if we can't totally decimate a population or two from time to time. And yeah, tread lightly with the honey search. My first experience was like this, because lol psh, I'll be fine: https://m.popkey.co/e44178/g3a5Z.gif
  3. It's just a more technical way of saying "Fighting, running, jumping and other physical exerting tasks also causes Fatigue to drop quicker." lol, yeah, you're right. I can ease off. Been going at this pretty hard for a few hours now and my dial was still set to Spock. Just trying to avoid confusing folks by being vague or inconsistent, you know. Forum folk can be a bloodthirsty lot.
  4. Excellent. Thank you for getting back to me. I more than appreciate you saving me the time. Also, I had no idea about full stamina depletion triggering a hunger and thirst rate multiplier. Never even considered the possibility. Might have to post this stuff in it's own thread. Either way, I'm glad to have something carved in stone. Thank you both again.
  5. Well, the maps generate randomly from new game to new game, so I couldn't give you exact directions, but I can tell you that it's in an open faced three sided shack that has a broken water pump in it. You'll know it when you see it because three NPCs are beating the hell out of said broken water pump with sticks. In the pump house on the left side, there's a piece of paper on top of something I can't recall, maybe a tarp? That's the repair kit schematic. You can also use it to fix the pump they're beating the hell out of, although be careful when you apply it as they all went Battle Royale and started attacking each other the second I applied the fix.
  6. Your guess is as good as mine, but it seems logical enough to me. Anything being a possible cause means everything is worth considering.
  7. I appreciate the response, Iris, although aside from the carry weight comment, the points you've outlined are ones I've noted myself. I should have made a point to clarify what we've all come to think of as the established definites of the system right now. Also, while I didn't include the drug effect possibilities in the post, the drugs I'm aware of are on the variables list I'd planned on testing.
  8. With even a remote chance that the system has more complex variables than we've yet to nail down, testing the system ad nausem then adjusting to current mechanics instead of hoping for mechanic adjustments seems like a better use of time.
  9. I sent an extended version of this exact message to Clement directly, although I know they're one person and might be a bit overwhelmed. I hate to seem impatient, but I just need a simple answer to a single question before I get lost in hours of mechanic experiments aimed at answering it myself. I've noticed inconsistencies in the rate each survival stat appears to degrade from one situation to the next, so I'm on task to find out if there is a more complex mechanic at work than we all are currently acknowledging. I won't get into the particulars of it, but the plan is to run experiments, note the data and post it on forum, either putting the idea to rest for good or figuring out the best way to approach the system as a group, effectively making the feedback generated by the system more constructive for you folks. Really though, if you just outright told me if there was a more complex system at work within the survival mechanic, I'd know immediately if it was worth running experiments to outline them and consequently save me a ridiculous amount of time. I don't even want the details per-say. I just want to know if eating, drinking, physical exertion, ingestion frequency, food quality , action/inaction and/or carry weight can have varying effects on degradation rates. When anything is possible, everything is worth testing, so I'm looking at some serious time invested. I don't even really need a complex response. Just enough to know if the system warrants looking into further. I'm happy to take it from there. Thank you for your time regardless
  10. Brother, the entire point of the game being available right now is so that the community can use overwhelming numbers to effectively zerg the system, tracking down every possible means of breaking the game as quickly and thoroughly as possible, reporting anything and everything we can about the causes / solutions. In that respect, congratulations. My advice; skip stressing out trying to fix your savegame and just start a new game with the intention of breaking it all over again.
  11. That sounds like a controller based issue, brother. Calibration sounds like it got bonked along the way. I Googled the problem and found a thread to fix it. It's called controller drift, btw. I think the fix is the second post down: https://forums.xbox.com/xbox_support/xbox_one_support/f/4677/t/1846667.aspx?pi7962=1
  12. I ran a new game today and managed to find a way to get this quest to complete. Why it worked I have no idea, but I can tell you what I did differently and hopefully we'll pin down the one thing that made it work by process of elimination. This time, before repeatedly trying to get him to talk to me or making physical contact, I noticed that after one attempt, he wasn't acknowledging the Talk request and the option to even give him the med wasn't appearing on screen. I didn't continue to attempting the conversation, just backed up some, put the medication into my first pocket slot and walked around him and the trough until the option to give him the drug stuttered into existence underneath Talk option. Consequently, I was standing on the opposite side (his right) of him from the initial approach (his left), clear of the trough on my right side by about a foot or so to give him space to carry out the turn animation. As soon as it popped up, I mashed the button and the hand off carried out as it was intended to. Mission completed. GL, I hope this helps tack down the cause.
  13. I don't envy that task, but I understand the value of the data. I just don't care much for the idea that you folks have to sift through a pile of feedback comprised of suggestions to alter systems that function as they do for reasons most players don't even somewhat understand. It's insulting to me that the work being done isn't acknowledged to the degree it deserves and, while I do make my living as a visual artist, I'm not even one of the people that helped create it.
  14. I think there's a chance the survival system may be slightly more complex than we've been giving it credit, and if we can prove that it is, we can figure out how to adapt to it instead of all complaining in hopes that it gets adapted to us. If there is a system at work more akin to the realistic, it just comes down to knowing what to grab where and when to eat it. I'm off to start a new game, hunt for food and get data on hunger, thirst, sleep to see if there's anything more to it than what we've been assuming. I'll let you guys know.
  15. I have to post this quickly, but just so you can keep playing and it not make you crazy having to maintain levels: - Eat less filling foods more frequently, not waiting until the hunger gets too low and becomes unmanageable. Less food more often = more energy - Get ahold of as many flasks as you can, keep them loaded up nicely. I was running with nine at one point. Stay hydrated, stay alert, stay awake - IMO, don't kill anyone right now. If you have to drop someone, choke them out. Don't go head up. - Combat; see above - Quest Objectives; can't say much there, I'm doing the best I can with what we've got myself I love kicking all the asses as much as anyone. The cricket bat off a face is glorious. I just dont think that's what they intended for us to be doing right now.
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