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  1. Well I am on my xbox now not even Microsoft lists them , holding off playing the dlc until they show up
  2. I see that PlayStation has trophies for this DLC listed as " HOUSEBOYS", is the Xbox going to have achievements ?? https://www.truetrophies.com/game/We-Happy-Few/dlc
  3. I have WHF for both the xbox and ps4 . Just to give you a heads up the game has been updated to v1.4.71201
  4. Need more information here What system ?? PC/PS4/xBox One , what version do you have ? What are your issues , send in a support ticket
  5. I don't even see it on iTunes myself but maybe its me
  6. Yes I got it thru the xbox system message
  7. Could someone point in the direction to find an upgrade kit TIA
  8. Installation Install on your home Xbox One console plus have access when you’re connected to your Microsoft account.
  9. Sorry Lee re-loaded previous save , no help to me. I just continued with game. Haven't decided if I am going to play the again or shelve it until game is completely fixed
  10. Maybe its just me but can people start using SPOILER ALERT in their titles. Just ran across a post … total give away , now I know what to except. Thanks everyone
  11. Re-started game went to select game , loaded AUTO save. Can continue BUT will not do that quest until FIXED.
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