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  1. You guys are so awesome, all of the hard work you've been putting in is coming into fruition !
  2. Hey guys, I've got a new 4k HDR Tv as well as the Xbox One S. Do you plan to support HDR on Xbox One? Also, the One X with 4k ect?
  3. I'll be waiting on Xbox! I can't wait to explore the underground structures and sewers? Right? Lol
  4. Awesome! Very glad to see a date! Excited to see all of your hard work come to fruition. Also, amazing to see xbox is a priority as well! Thank you all for your hard work!
  5. I like a lot of what you were saying! In the new patch last week alot of the bugs you encountered have mostly been fixed and MANY things were updated besides that. There's a detailed post from last weeks journal with the patch notes if you want to check them out but. Bad news is they don't want to release this patch yet on Xbox because i guess it has a pretty bad crash problem. They are working to get it fixed though, hopefully soon!
  6. This is a fantastic idea that they should implement!
  7. The jimmy bars eat them up on me, I'm hoping they increase the stacks of 5 for inventory because there's too many in the first 2 islands that I think I discarded some but not many. But with things with big inventory storage spots I'm still having problems throwing so much stuff away or having to store it in random places before getting to the nice town.
  8. I was wondering if anyone tested this? My last game came to an end because I ran out of metal bits was wondering if anyone has had a very long game and anything in the world respawned? Seems like eventually every game has to come to an end! I hope compulsion figures out some ways to prolong sandbox games. Even some of the flowers? Wonder if they respawn.
  9. I've played 2 playthroughs now and have never found more than 1 on each. I think they may have tuned it down a little too much when it gets in the way of enjoying yourself while playing. All we can do is give our feedback!
  10. No they can't be crafted on either system. I will agree and also say I only found one expansion kit in my world. The only place I've ever found one after the update was the bridge you repair the pump and insert the valve downstairs in a locker. Other than that I've never seen one. Ofcourse it's RNG but it is a bit harsh. I agree with what the poster said. Maybe incorporate one expansion row item into a side quest in the 1st island. Maybe it just needs a bit of tuning, or maybe I'm just missing the spawn locations other than the one I've found
  11. I'll just leave this here.
  12. Lol I did the same damn thing when I first saw that body haha
  13. I believe in their previous weekly update they stated that they will come out in the next update which is a content update!
  14. I think that's an awesome idea, even if it doesn't effect you and it's just aesthetic.
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