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  1. General Quest Issue Quest tracking and waypoint markers. 8/1/16 There is a direction dial at the top of the hub and location markers appear upon approaching them. Also you can track see quest markers for some of the quests on the in game map. There is at this point no way of tracking quests. I would like to be able to track side quests and see objective markers on my heads up display. Also, it would be nice to see ALL quest markers on the in game map. Another thing, it would be nice to set waypoints to mark certain locations.
  2. Bloody Map Problem : During second playthrough I discovered the map for the first time. The dig spot at the Celtic Tombstone cannot be dug up, there is a dig spot floating shovel marker but no dig prompt appears when you attempt to dig. Ideas : Probably a narrative secret, but felt worth mentioning. Fix : Going to try again with new playthrough.
  3. Traps Quest : Mine, all Mine!!! 7/31/16 2:00 through 8/1/16 During my first playthrough I disarmed the traps with rocks. After waiting a day and returning to the house the traps appeared to have been reset, but when my character walked through the "trip wires" the mines didn't go off. I did notice that there were no explosive charges attached to the trip wires. During my second playthrough I disarmed the mines with glass bottles. After 24 hours I returned and the traps appeared reset. This time, unlike the first playthrough, I noticed that the explosive charges appeared reset as well. I tried disarming one with a rock first, then again with another rock, and twice more with glass bottles, each time aiming directly at the explosive charge. When nothing happened to the trap I attempted to walk through the tripwires as I had done on my previous playthrough with this particular glitch however this time the trap detonated. As I progressed through the area I noticed that some traps would detonate and others would not, allowing me to pass through them with no collision detection and would remain on screen. Ideas : Something wrong with collision detection or maybe values. Fix : Reboot and do new playthrough.
  4. If you give a pig a pancake. 7/31/16 5:00pm - 8/1/16 1:00am Problem : I accidentally choked out the poor vomiting chap whilst trying to give him a pill. Later when I returned the give pill prompt was gone. The quest was still active, he was still vomiting. Later when I returned at 1:00 am the prompt to speak with him was gone as well. Quest remained active until character death at 1:45am due to dehydration. Fix : Going to reboot game, start a new playthrough.
  5. Joy Tree Ghost 8/1/16 (1:00 am) Problem : The Ghost doesn't move. Also, it remains visible once joy wears off, don't know if this is a bug or a part of the game. Fix : Going to try again with a new playthrough.
  6. Spy Quest 7/31/16 Problem : After getting the doll and returning to our friend in the tree house, the game crashed at the point when I tried to give him a Med Kit. Fix : I rebooted WHF and continued the game which reloaded at the checkpoint in the Doll House, finished the quest like normal, no problem.
  7. TTA : Quest Glitches (8/1/2016) Post Any Quest Glitches in this thread. Are your quests not ending, maybe they show up on the map after they are finished. Is your game bugging out when you finish a quest or try to talk to an NPC? Any quest specific glitches can be posted here.
  8. I play on XBOX One and experience a similar glitch. I used the mysterious chest twice, but when I got the not saying something about the offering being a crafting recipe, the chest would not open. The chest did not reset the next day and stayed closed the rest of that playthrough, but on my next playthrough, it was working again. Maybe its a glitch, or maybe it is hidden in game stuff we aren't allowed to see yet.
  9. I'm picturing a torture scene involving the game's protagonist set to The Beatles "Twist and Shout".
  10. " We are not afraid of the piracy scene. We simply believe we can make games you guys (and gals!) are willing to pay for, so that we can keep making great work." I tip the hat to you for not being afraid of Pirate scallywags. From what I have seen of WHF, I would gladly pay top dollar for it. I have been waiting for something like this ever since playing Bioshock. The void the lack of Ken Levine's creative direction has left these past years has been a hard one to fill. Every dystopia looks the same, and there is no sense of humor in any of it. When I saw gameplay footage of WHF and began to hear whispers about the story, I was hooked. It looks unhinged, people on happy drugs wearing face paint, unaware of their horrifying reality, it is like "1984" and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" met in an alley behind an english pub and got into a knife fight. The check is in the mail good sir.
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